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9 Fun Math YouTube Channels for School Age Kids post image

We have introduced two sets of fun science YouTube Channels for kids, one is for hands-on science experiments you can do at home, one is cool science ideas and experiments that will intrigue more curiosities. Today we share some cool math YouTube channels for kids. Today’s list is for school age kids. If you have a preschoolers, you may want to check out the list of Math YouTube Channels for Preschool Children. 9 Math YouTube Channels for school age Kids… Read More

45+ Plant Science Experiments To Learn Plant Life Cycles post image

Spring is the best time to learn about plants. We have done many plant life cycle science activities. Here we put them all together. They will be a fun science resource for your plant and flower unit, or a biology class supplement. Science Experiments to Learn Plant Life Cycle Plants start with seed. Different plants have different types of seeds. These seed science activities are perfect to get kids started on learning about plants. After seeds germinating, they grow into… Read More

11 Fascinating Egg Science Experiments for Kids post image

We have been putting together many kitchen science experiment ideas for kids. Today we will have fun egg science experiments for you to wow the kids. These are fun experiments to do at home in your kitchen. They are also great for science fairs given those fun effects. Many people look for egg related activities for Easter, but these amazing science experiments are good for any season of the year. Several integrated art, engineering, math, and tech, so they are… Read More

10 YouTube Science Videos Teaching Skeletal Systems post image

As we continue along this journey of fun science videos for human body systems, I have created a list of the best YouTube science videos teaching kids the skeletal system. I’ve included one from Dr. Bincos which seems to always grab student’s attention, and the one from Khan Academy also mentions the skeletal structure of insects! Hopefully, these will tickle your student’s funny bones! YouTube Science Videos for Kids Teaching Human Body Skeletal Systems Skeleton Dance Song: For young children… Read More

Easiest Proof Pythagorean Theorem with LEGO post image

Pythagorean Theorem is a widely used theorem in math and geometry with many applications. It shows the relationship of the 3 sides of a right triangle. It is used so much, that it is hard to not know it. However, many students just know it as it is. They never know how to prove it. How do you know Pythagorean Theorem formula is true? Today we are going to show you, with the toy you have at home, LEGO. Created… Read More

YouTube Science Video Teaching Circulatory System post image

YouTube videos are a huge learning resource for kids these days. Let’s add to that resource list with a new batch of human circulatory system YouTube science videos. These should help your students learn everything they need to know about the circulatory system. Are you ready? Let’s get those hearts pumping to learn everything possible about the incredible human circulatory system. Human Circulatory System YouTube Science Videos for Kids Bill Nye the Science Guy Blood and Circulation Through actions and… Read More

11 Cold Science Experiments To Amaze the Children post image

In our collection of science experiments about the sense of touch, we had one hot water and cold water experiment. Today we add more hot and cold experiments for kids to better understand temperature. While the weather getting colder, it is a perfect time to do some cold science experiments with kids. Since everything is relative, talking about cold means you are also talking about hot. 11 Cold Science Experiments that Are Magical for Kids Cold Science Experiments for Kids… Read More

150 Free Winter Math Printable Worksheets post image

Although cold, winter is such a fun season full of excitement. The first frost, snow, icicle, … For north those in hemisphere, there is also Santa, reindeer, Christmas lights. How to help kids study while they are going through so much excitement? We collected free winter themed math printable worksheets for kids. They are fun for kids, and easy for teachers and parents. We have collected math sheets for preschool to middle school. Hope you find them helpful. Free Winter… Read More

9 YouTube Science Videos for Kids Teaching Human Body Digestive Systems post image

We have talked about our love of YouTube science videos and how much they can help students learn. To expand on that subject a bit more, I have put together a list of Digestive System YouTube science videos. There are a few different cartoons to choose from on this list. You will also find some YouTube videos for older students and teens. Some focus on the digestive process, some on digestive functions, and some introduce the digestive system through the… Read More

Awesome STEM Toys for Kids All Ages post image

We all say kids are born scientists, mathematicians, artists and engineers. They are curious, they like to explore, they like to take things apart, they always make things in their own ways. So what is the best way to teach STEM (Science Tech Engineering Math) to kids? The best is to give them tools they can play and learn at their own pace when they most relaxed and having fun. This is a list of the Best STEM Toys we… Read More

Crazy Fast Salt Crystal Christmas Ornaments – No Borax Needed post image

Holiday season is the busy time of the year. It is hard to find time to study or do science activities with kids. But learning doesn’t have to happen in isolation. We can definitely incorporate science learning into fun holiday activities, like this salt crystal ornament, a fun science activity with salt and water, for kids to learn about solubility and saturation. I am super excited because I found a way to grow the crystal very fast, in just couple… Read More

STEM Building Toys for Kids Engineers Age 2 to 18 post image

Building toys create a wonderful platform for creative play. They expand their imagination, promote motor skills, … all through play! You will also find, that a lot of these toys revolve around STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) or STEAM (with Art added to STEM). For your expressive and exploratory young engineers, check these amazing toys out! To help you find the best building toys for the kids on your gift list, I created a building toys gift guide. All of… Read More

Best Coding Toys Teaching Kids Computer Programming post image

Learn computer programming with coding toys. What a fun idea! Have your kids started learning computer programming? Computer coding or programming is basically the language we use to talk to computers. Since computers will be an essential part of the future world our kids going to be in, it is important for today’s children to have fundamental knowledge of how to communicate with computers. For some very basic concepts, they can learn coding through cool activities without using a computer… Read More

STEM Challenge: Minute to Win it Games for Kids post image

Holiday season is party time. How to engage kids in learning while have fun at classroom party or family party? These STEM Minute-to-Win-It Games are just the activities you are looking for. They are easy with little preparation needed. You can adapt rules and difficulty levels for different age groups. Fun STEM Minute To Win It Games for Kids Scuba Diver: create a scuba diver with bending straws, and see who can keep the diver at the bottom of the… Read More

YouTube Science Videos Teaching Human Body to Kids post image

We love YouTube science videos. They make it easier to understand the hard science concepts. Not all science videos are great, so I listed out the good one I came across, like these YouTube Science Channels for Kids. In this post, I list some great science videos about human body anatomy and physiology. I separate them by target age groups. Human Body Science Video for Kids Age 5 to 10 Human Body Anatomy: with the help of a set of… Read More