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10 Apps Teaching Young Children Essential Life Skills

Toca House

Many people think tablets or smartphones are not appropriate for young children. What they don’t realize is how many valuable educational materials are available on tablets and smart phones for kids of all ages, including kids of very young age, like 2-3 year olds. Today we share 10 apps that teach young children essential life skills, such as dressing themselves, brushing teeth correctly, remembering parents’ phone numbers.

10 Apps Teaching Young Children Essential Life Skills

10 apps teaching young kids life skills
We like these apps because they are specially designed for young children, simple yet practical. To learn more about each app, click on the app title.

Number Monkey: help kids remember a phone number by make a song out of the phone number, and kids will love to sing with the cute monkeys.

Time2brush: a FREE app helping kids learn how to brush teeth, also help them remember to brush teeth twice a day and brush for 2 minutes each time in a fun musical way.

Kids Count Down: help kids grasp the sense of time, and help them finish tasks on time, like putting on shoes by 7am, getting dressed in 5 minutes.

Stewie the Duck: teach kids about water safety and principles they have to follow when they are near or in the water. It is a FREE app. There is a PDF version for those who don’t have iPad or iPhone.

Sparky’s Birthday Surprise: teach kids about fire safety, such as what are hot and should not be touched. A great FREE resource on fire safety for kids. Can be accessed on tablet and computer.

Little Bird’s Internet Security: teach kids how to stay safe on the internet. It is free, and can be access on tablet and computer.

Toca House: teaching young children that there are responsibilities living in the house, such as laundry, cleaning, cooking.

ABA Flashcard Emotions: help kids understand that it is ok to have different emotions, and learn to associate words with emotions, thus help them to express emotions with words.

iLearnWith Poko Emotions: Help kids learn how to handle others and themselves’ emotions and stay positive

Minti Kids Dress Up:  teaching kids how to get dressed. Kids will love to dress up the cute little bear.

Tidy Up: fun puzzle games for kids that help kids learn to put toys at the right spot and clean up after playing with the toys.

Sandwich Chef: teaching kids about healthy food choice. Kids learn about good food choices by make sandwich arts.

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  • MaryAnne @ mama smiles

    That internet security app sounds interesting!

    • I was impressed how they were able to teach internet security in a manner that young children can understand.

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