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10 Fun Ways to Learn Alphabet in Fall

10 Fun Ways to Learn Alphabet in Fall post image

Fall is here. I love this season. There are so much going on during the fall season, and there are so many kids can learn and have fun. Today we share 10 fun ideas for kids to learn alphabet, all activities are fall themed, and are all hands-on activities.

10 Fun Ways to Learn Alphabet in Fall

Fun ideas to learn alphabet in the fall season! Hands on ways to learn letters. Kids will love these fun seasonal learning activities.
Make an alphabet apple tree or paint an alphabet tree

Play apple tree letter matching

Practice fine motor skills with apple lacing and puzzle (with free printables)

Play sock bomb alphabet painting game

Try alphabet apple picking sensory bin

Have a fall leave alphabet movement activity

Play a leave letter match game

or roll and say fall letter matching using acorn and leaves

Make a letter stamp

Find some good tree branches and make tree block letters

Do you have fun learning ideas you can share? I know you do.

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