Free: Fun Science Activities and Games for Kids
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Free: Fun Science Activities and Games for Kids

24-7 Science

A while ago, I introduced a Free Science App for kids DIY Sun Science designed by The Lawrence Hall of Science. I explored a little more, and found The Lawrence Hall of Science has a very neat website designed for kids, called 24/7 Science.

There are two sections on the site: science activities and online science games for kids. Free science games and activity guides for kids from UC Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science - you can find hands on science activity ideas with guide for teachers for kids from preschool to elementary school. A wonderful STEM learning resource.

Science Activities:

The science activities can be accessed on both mobile devices and computers. For each activity, you will get a detailed instruction on materials and steps to do the activity.

What I really like is the result recording feature. For the crystal experiment we did, we were able to input our data on the website, and see a plot of our results compared to everyone else’s result. It is a nice way to teach kids science recording and comparison.

In addition to the activity itself, the website also provides related activities from partner websites and some related videos to learn more about the science for that activity.

Online Science Games for Kids:

If you are accessing the site on your computer, you can also play the online games. You can see the games on your iPad or iPhone, but you won’t be able to play with them. However, for each game, there are lists of related activities and videos that are accessible on iPhone and iPad.

I tried one of the games Aphid Eater. When the game starts, kids see a rose plant with aphid and lady bug on it. Kids are asked to drag the lady bug on to an aphid to feed the lady bug. After the lady bug eats 5 aphids, the lady bug lays eggs, and the eggs are hatched. Kids are asked to feed the larvae with aphid. After they feed the larvae certain number of bugs, they are told the rose is saved. Kids move up to the next level. This is a fun and gentle way to introduce ecosystem to kids.

iGameMom Comments:

I love the site. There is so much to explore on this site besides the science activities. They have contents for a wide age range, from preschool to school age. It is a great resource for science learning at home and school.

To access the wonderful free resource, simply visit the website: 24/7 Science.

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