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25 Monster Apps for Kids – Create, Play, Read and Learn

Monster apps for kids

Last week we posted a round-up of 20 ways to create monsters as ways to help kids ease monster fears. Today we are sharing monster apps. We have monster apps for kids to read about monsters, create monsters, play with monsters, and learn with monsters. They are fun apps for kids of any ages.

25 Monster Apps for Kids of All Ages

25 monster apps for kids to create, read, play, and learn. Great and fun interactive activities for Halloween, also good for any time of the year.
If you want to know more about each app, please click on the app title. You will open up a new window with more information on that app.

Apps for Kids to Create Monsters:

Sago Mini Monsters : Create monsters out of slime, then feed them, clean them. A very creative app for young children.

Monster Moogle : Create monster arts and read monster stories.

iLuv Drawing Monsters : following step by step instructions to draw various monsters.

Dibu’s Monster Maker : with different parts provided in the app, kids create monsters with Dibu. There are so many different ways to create a monster!

Create a Monster : endless fun for all ages. Kids can make all kinds of monsters: silly monsters, colorful monsters, imaginative monsters, classic monsters, …

Monsters Mixer : a build your own monsters with different parts from the app, it is simply fun.

Apps for Kids to Learn with Monsters:

Sushi Monster: Practice addition and multiplication with Sushi Monster, and it is free

Monster squeeze : compare numbers with Monsters’ help. Kids will love the math practice and the monsters.

Endless Numbers : all the numbers become cute monster in this fun app. Those animations make the monster so adorable that kids will want to play and learn about numbers again and again.

Endless Alphabet : designed by the same developer of Endless Numbers, this app turns letters into monsters, and kids learn letters, words and spelling while playing with these cute monsters.

Spelling Monster : practice spelling with monsters. There are several spelling mini games in the app. Users can create their own spelling lists.

Monster Physics : create monster machines and test them out. It is a virtual physics lab.

Apps for Kids to Read About Monsters:

The monster at the end of this book : a fun story from Sesame Street that will engage any toddler or preschooler.

Another Monster at the end of this book : sequel to The Monster at The End of This Book, is just as fun as the first app.

Simone and the Night Monsters : an interactive picture book that is great for those who are afraid of monsters. Kids will follow Simone and learn how he fights monsters.

Even Monsters Get Sick : a fun interactive book app, showing kids what to do when being sick.

Hiding Monsters : another cute book app, where kids play hide and seek with monsters

I Need My Monster : based on the acclaimed book of the same title by Amanda Noll, this book app will delight both kids and parents. Even with the monster title, it is not a scary story.

My Monster Mayhem : an interesting story app about a girl fighting all kinds of monsters. Written in rhymes, it will ignite kids’ imagination and expand their vocabulary.

Apps for Kids to Play with Monsters:

Cutie Monsters Jigsaw Puzzle : play jigsaw puzzle and learn counting with monsters. Available for both Apple and Android devices.

Monster Difference : find the differences between two seemingly same monsters. Great game to training observation skills.

Singing Monster Nutcracker : Sing Nutcraker, but with Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman and Zombie. Hard to imagine? It is fun.

Monster Coloring Book : design your own monster and coloring it.

Toca Kitchen Monsters : make food to feed monster and watch how they react to different food. A free app from Toca Boca, it is tons of fun for young children.

Dancing Hiphop Monsters for Toddlers : designed for kids age 1 to 3, this app teaches toddlers to associate musical beats with movement, featuring monsters that dance and do back flips.

Hope you find some monster apps for your child. If you are looking for more Monster ideas, please visit 20 ways to create monsters.
create monsters to ease kids monster fears
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