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4D Flashcards Bringing Subjects to Life

4D Flashcards Bringing Subjects to Life post image

Do you like flashcards? I had never been very interested in flashcards, and have not used them much. I think they are just for memorization work, and kids usually can remember what they are interested without using those cards. So for me, most of our work with kids are talks, discussion, with the goal to spark their interest and to encourage them to explore. But recently I have seen some interesting flashcards. When combined with apps, you can see the objects on the cards come to life. This changes the function of flashcard completely. With these 4D flashcards, kids can see the effects and quickly comprehend ideas and concepts that are hard with 2D cards.
4D flashcards bring learning to life
One of the examples are flashcards from Octagon studio. They use Augmented Reality technique to bring the objects to life, and they have developed several sets of 4D flashcards: animals, occupations, and space.

In the animal set, you will find a collection of 26 animals, ascending from A-Z. When using the Animal 4D+ App (also available on Google Play), kids will see the animals come to life in 4D, walking or flying. Kids can even feed the virtual animals!

In the occupation set, kids will unlock Octaland, a hidden world that is ruled by Kaz the Knowledgeable King. Everyone of the Octaland, called Octanians, can access through portals in various parts of the world. Each card is a Octanian, with a name starting from A-Z, Albert the Astronaut, Bertie the Builder, Charlotte the Chef, Daisy the Dancer, Eddie the Engineer, … Again, with the help of the free app (Android app on Google Play), kids will see the interaction of different characters.

Space 4D cards will take kids to embark on a fantastic space exploration experience. It is a collection of 37 educational AR flashcards about space including the solar system, planets, space objects, satellites, rovers, and space missions. Download the Space 4D+ app on App Store or Google Play Store for free, scan the cards. See the solar system and the planets come to life in Augmented Reality. For the Rovers, kids can even drive them around. Similarly, these are through the free app Space 4D (Android on Google Play).

Here you can have a quick peek of the effect. While taking the video, I did not change the iPad angle. After I finished the video, I realized that if you tilt the iPad, you can see different sides of the objects. So in that sense, they are true 4D (3D plus moving).

All sets of cards has free samples, and you can get a little flavor what it feels like, before you decide if you want to buy the whole sets. You can find more information of the cards on Amazon.

If you like this flashcard idea, you may like these free apps too: Interactive Coloring Pages from DreamWorks; one of the first apps using Augmented Reality, and still good today; a reality nature exploration app from Disney Nature.

3D Coloring Page
bring coloring page to life
explore nature app Disney Nature

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