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8 Interactive Periodic Table with Names — Chemistry Learning Tools for Kids

8 Interactive Periodic Table with Names — Chemistry Learning Tools for Kids post image

Learning about the Periodic Table is a big part of learning chemistry. It is fun if you get it. Otherwise it can be a boring and tedious experience, and it can kill the interest in chemistry completely. Today we share learning tools for periodic tables. These are interactive periodic tables with names and charges and other information that make it easy to learn. Some also letting kids to create virtual chemical reactions to make the learning hands-on without potential chemical explosion danger.

This is part of our Best Learning Tools for Kids on iPad series. For the whole list of the series, please visit Must Have Free Learning Tools for Kids on iPad and Other Tablets.

Best Learning Tools for Kids – Interactive Periodic Table with Names

8 Interactive Periodic Tables of Elements, with names, charges, and other information on iPad, Android tablet, and computers, great chemistry learning tools for kids from elementary school to high school, to college. They make the teaching easier too.
First we will list the tools available on iPad, then we will list apps available on computers, so if you don’t have iPad or tablets, you can still find some cool interactive period tables for your kids.

Interactive Periodic Table with Names Available on iPad

NOVA Elements is a great chemistry learning tool for elementary kids even before their chemistry class. It explains the elements with multi-media materials, pictures, videos, 3D models, and of course, texts. It is a plus that it is free.

K12 Periodic Table of the Elements is a free interactive period table for kids in elementary school to look up information for each elements. The simple interface make it easy to use. Kids just tap on each element to bring up the element’s name, number of charges, atomic mass, and more.

The Elements is an interactive app based on a book. In addition to names, charges, and other data for each element, it also has interactive 3D images of the elements and things made of the elements.

GoReact is another interactive app of the periodic table elements. In addition to information about the elements, it also let you test out reactions. Pick out some elements and see what will happen if you mix them together. I like the fact that it include many reactions happening in our everyday life. It is a great app for kids who have not official studied chemistry.

Chemist is another hands-on chemistry app. The setting is more like what is going to happen in a chemistry lab. Kids not only just mix elements together, they actually handle the lab equipment. Kids will pour the beaker, suck and release the burette in the 3D virtual lab and do any operation just like they do in the real lab.

EMD PTE is a quite comprehensive periodic table for those who is studying chemistry. For each element, it has more information than other apps we mentioned earlier. From classification to element features to their history of discovery, from relative atomic mass, to melting point to boiling point, density, appearance and additional properties for each individual element.

Interactive Periodic Table with Names Accessible on Computer

If you don’t have an iPad or other tablets, these are interactive periodic tables on the internet that you can use on your computers.

Periodic Table on pTable is quite amazing. You will see different elements being highlighted depending where your computer mouse is. When you pick your mouse over a particular element on the table, more information on that element will show up. This table also functions well on iPad.

Chemical Elements is another website with interactive periodic tables. This page I linked to is the table showing element names, but if you click on the “go to main page” link above the table, you will have options to go tables by charges, atomic mass, boiling points, and more.

Do you have interactive Periodic Table for kids you’d like to recommend?

This is part of our Best Learning Tools for Kids on iPad series. For complete list of best learning tools for Kids on iPad and links to all posts, please visit: Must-Have Free Learning Tools for Kids on iPad and Other Tablets. In the series, we have best learning tools for the following subjects:
Math Concepts ; Counting ; Telling Time ; Periodic Table ;
Phonics ; Sight Words; Spelling ; Vocabulary ; Grammar ;
Handwriting ; Drawing ; Storytelling ; Creative Writing ;
Computer Coding ; Second Language ; Critical Thinking & Problem Solving ;
Emotion Recognition and Articulation ;
must have free learning tools for kids on iPad and other tablets

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    Thank you for this list. I am going to download a few and see which one my son likes the best. He loves chemistry and will be thrilled, I’m sure.

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