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Learn Music with Grandma

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There are so many benefits for kids to study music at a young age. Music can help kids be more creative, more patient and more social. There are also studies shown that learning music improves math skills. When children are young, it is quite easy to incorporate music activities into the daily play. Music concepts like pitch, rhythm, even music notes can be taught by playful games. Today we share a fun music app for kids, Music with Grandma.
fun music app for kids teaching kids fundamental music - Music with Grandma
Music with Grandma is from the Grandma and Grandpa series. We introduced several apps in the series, and I loved all of them. This Music with Grandma app is again a very fun app for kids. Although prior music knowledge is not required to use this app, some basic knowledge will help, such as the music notes and symbols.

After starting the app, kids will be presented music games in random orders. Through the games, they will learn to identify sounds of particular instruments. Kids will be introduced to about 30 different instruments, such as saxophone, guitar, french horn, trombone, xylophone, violin.

Kids will play music symbol matching games, and play a music maze game following specified music symbols. Through these games, kids will learn basic music symbols like treble clef, fermata, flat, sharp, natural. Kids will also learn the basics of reading music by putting the notes on the correct positions on a treble or bass clef, or identify the half note, quarter note, eighth note, etc.

For those who likes to play matching games, there will be instrument matching and memory games. If your kids like to play patterns, they will be able to do it with music notes.

In between games, kids will have chance to watch 10 videos showcasing different instruments. The one I liked a lot is the inside of the piano while it is played by a pianist. Kids can also try hands on with drums, keyboards. There are some very neat features that are unique to digital toys. For example, with the keyboard, kids have the option to overlay the music notes on the keyboard so they know which notes they are playing.

As I said earlier, it is ok if kids don’t have any music knowledge. They can learn as they play. However, having some fundamental music knowledge will make it a lot easier and more fun to play with this app.

Through out the app, kids will learn:

Musical instrument identification: saxophone, classical and electric guitar, french horn, trombone, tuba, drum set, piano, trumpet, xylophone, violin, flute, clarinet, hand bell, guiro, cowbell, triangle, tambourine, cymbals, Latin cabasa, maracas, accordion, harp, conga drums, snare drums, wood temple blocks, banjo, bagpipes, harmonica, and timpani drums.

Musical symbols: treble clef, fermata, flat, sharp, bass clef, natural, staff, crescendo, repeat, double bar

Music rests and notes: whole rest, half rest, quarter rest, eighth rest, whole note, half note, quarter note, eighth note, dotted half note.

Note names on the treble clef: middle C through treble G

Note names on the bass clef: middle C through bass F

Music With Grandma includes colorful graphics, professional-quality music, sound effects, and voices. It is a fun app for kids to learn fundamentals of music.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
Music with Grandma

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