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10 apps helping kids learn through music

Music ABC

Do your children like music? Do they jump around and sing along when they hear their favorite songs? Music makes the learning activities much more fun and enjoyable. It is a great idea to incorporate music into children’s learning. Today we have 10 apps helping kids learn via music. You will find apps helping kids learn numbers, letters, simple math, simple vocabulary, some are about animals, … but all apps here utilize music in the learning process.

10 apps helping kids learn through music

10 apps teaching kids academics via music. Kids have fun and learn better with happy music. Great for both classroom and home, for preschool to school age kids.
If you are interested in any of these apps, clicking on the app title will lead you to more detailed review of the app, as well as where to find it.

ABC Music : kids learn letters and musical instruments. The interactive features letting kids experience the instruments’ sound and music first hand.

Peg + Cat Big Gig : kids learn numbers and counting while playing music: count up, count down, skip count, add, subtract, …

Jazzy 123 : kids learn counting with music instruments. In the meantime, they hear the music made by each instrument. It covers 12 languages, so kids can learn counting in different languages.

Jamaroos Musical ABC : a fun musical alphabet app. Kids learn alphabet while watching funny mini musicals.

26 A-Z Music Videos : a FREE app from ABCmouse. There is one song for each letter, and the song uses the letter repetitively to help kids remember it. You can have the free app or listen to the songs on their website.

Jazzy ABC : learn ABCs with music. Kids learn the alphabet via music instruments: listen to the music of each instrument makes and learn the letters.

Wee Sing and Learn ABC : sing the way through the alphabet. Kids will enjoy the original music and animated animals while learning the ABCs.

I love Mud : an interactive story book and singing app. Kids not only read, but sing the story. If they listen to the story, the words are individually highlighted.

Over in the Jungle – Sing and Read about Baby Animals : kids sing along, play counting games, and learn about baby animals

The Bingo Song : an interactive sing along app, kids learn animal names and the sound they make, as well as some other elements like colors.

Have you found any app interesting?

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  • Emma

    Definitely going to look into that Peg + Cat one – we love that show! Thanks for these suggestions!

    • It is a pretty cool app. I am sure your little one will like it.

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