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6 Simple Science Activities Kids Love

6 Simple Science Activities Kids Love post image

Do you like science? Do you do science activities with kids at home? Today we share simple science activities you can do with kids, and most take little preparing time, and almost all of the activities require minimum materials.

6 Simple Science Activities Kids Love

Simple science activities kids love - Learning STEM doesn't need fancy equipment, you can have many fun learning with easy activities at home
Turn off the light at night, and explore the shadows

Explore features about water and ice with simple activities

Make a parachute and learn the science of float

Set up an experiment making the egg fly

Make a LEGO drawbot

Watch cool science videos on YouTube, and here are 15 kids friendly science YouTube channels

Looking for more science activity ideas? Check out 500 Science Activities for Kids — A Monthly Guide and 150 Kitchen STEM Activities for Kids.
monthly science activity ideas for kids
kitchen STEM activities for kids
For fun activities go beyond science, you will like these 52 STEAM Activities for Kids. I found many activities from this book that my child loved. It has detailed guide, even material list for each activity.
STEAM Kids Book

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  • Natalie

    Thanks for featuring our Lego Drawbot!

    • Love it. We have to find time to do it too. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • shelah

    School started this week for us. I will be stopping by more often to see your ideas and resources now that school has started.

  • Katie Pinch

    Thanks for featuring our shadow science activity, I appreciate it! Have a fun day 🙂

    • you are welcome. it is fun activity for the whole family. I remember we were doing it as a family when I was young.

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