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Bo Matching Game free Christmas app for kids

With holiday approaching, everyone is getting into the holiday spirit.  While you are busy getting everything ready for the holiday, here are 8 free Christmas apps for kids. Most apps are good for all ages to enjoy, hope they bring joys to your home in this busy holiday season. Jingle All the Way : a warm story about a lovely dog Jingle, who finally find a home for the holiday. It is made by Hallmark in conjunction with their interactive toy… Read More

Bob Books Reading Magic Apps

I have seen and read about the early reader series Bob Books a lot and am happy to see they are now offering apps for kids. The apps offer interactive reading games for kids based on the content from the book series. Bob Books is a reading series designed for beginning readers. There are 5 sequential sets in the series, each set has 8-12 books and each book has about 10-25 pages, depending on the level. In addition to the… Read More

Wubbzy’s The Night Before Christmas

Wubbzy’s The Night Before Christmas is a Christmas storybook for young readers. The night before Christmas, Wubbzy and his friends are snuggly-snug in their beds until they hear the pitter-patter jingle-jangle and merry sounds of Santa Claus and his reindeer. … The story is an adaption of the classic The Night Before Christmas Holiday poem, with interactive features and more.  Kids can tap on the reindeer’s red nose to see it shine, or tap on the holiday lights to see… Read More

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Christmas is almost here.  While you are busy getting ready for the holiday celebration, make sure kids have plenty to do.  Luckily, with the mobile devices, everything is easy. You can find and instantly download great entertainments with educational values, and you don't even need get out of the house. To make it even easier for you, iGameMom have picked some great Christmas fun entertainments for kids. You will find great Christmas books, fun holiday games for kids and adults, and holiday movies for the whole family. Believe… Read More

Just 2 Fun

Just 2 Fun is a word puzzle game for kids designed by David L. Hoyt, who is known for his Jumble puzzles on more than 600 newspapers.  It is a fun game that kids can play for long time. It twists your mind, challenges you think out of box, all in a fun way. The game play is simple – kids see two pictures for each puzzle, each picture gives a hint on a word, and the two words from… Read More

Jingle All the Way

Today I have a wonderful book to share: Jingle All the Way.  It is a free app.  It is also available as iBook, Kindle book and Nook. It’s been always free as an app, but not in other forms.  Today all forms of the book is free, so if you want to read it as iBook, Kindle book or on your Nook, you want to download it today before the price goes back to normal. An additional note: you can… Read More

Daniel Tigers Neighborhood Play at Home with Daniel

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Play at Home with Daniel is a fun app from PBS Kids where kids can do pretending plays. If you aren't familiar with Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, it's a cartoon on PBS that is based off the old educational show "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood". My son enjoys the cartoon and loves waving to all the characters with Daniel in the opening scene with the famous "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood" song. When he saw this app he was… Read More

Math Evolve

Summer is a time kids can take a break from their regular school work.  However, this doesn’t mean they should stay away from learning completely.  If they do, you will see a lot catch up work in the fall just to bring them back to where they were before the summer.  Ideally we want something that is fun and educational at the same time.  Math Evolve is a perfect app for this.  It is FREE now for limited time.  Mastering… Read More


Keep the children entertained and encourage them to use their little grey cells by downloading for free the SparkleFish app.  As claimed by the developer, it is "a hilarious audio story completion game for the iPhone, iPad and Nook Tablet that will have you laughing uncontrollably." It is like a Mad Libs with voice.   The free version comes with the choice of five stories: A Fairy Tale; Infomercial; The Cold Remedy; The Greeting Card and Yearbook signing. In-app purchases… Read More

DrSeuss Short Story Collection

Oceanhouse Media have pulled out another Dr Seuss app from their creative hats. Everyone's favourite cat in a hat makes an appearance, along with an astoundingly large extended rhyming family including I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today, King Looie Katz about the king of cats, The Glunk that Got Thunk about a little girl who likes to think, as well as The Big Brag about a couple of show offs, The Zax where we meet two stubborn characters, Too Many Daves-in… Read More

Just Me and My Mom

In celebration of Mother's Day, Oceanhouse Media has set their book app Just Me and My Mom FREE.  It is part of their Little Critter series by Mercer Mayer.  Little Critter was having a special day in the city with his mother.  They had all the fun together, including the things went unexpected: the train tickets were gone when the conductor came by, the little critter got caught by the museum guard while trying on some costumes … With all these… Read More

The Trip Little Critter Reading Adventure

What fun Apps!   The Trip Little Critter Reading Adventure is based on Mercer Mayer’s classic book of the same title and features his incredible original artwork.  It is a story book app with two options. One is to go on a Reading Adventure, two is to just read the story yourself, which is a great option for this app as the Reading Adventure can take a long time. On this adventure the whole Critter Family needs to get to Lake Wakatookee for… Read More

The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories DrSeuss

The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories by Dr Seuss is another app produced by Oceanhouse Media and adds to their mighty cannon of Dr Seuss related products. I have to admit to being a very late latecomer when it comes to Dr Seuss. I was never introduced to it as a child and hadn't read any of the stories until I had children of my own. I know, I know! My only excuse is that it just never featured… Read More

There is a Wocket in My Pocket – Dr.Seuss

One of my all-time favorite authors is Dr. Seuss. You can't get more legendary and classic than a Seuss book, and with the celebration of his recent birthday the Dr. Seuss apps are everywhere.  This app/book is one of my favorites: There's a Wocket in my Pocket! by Dr. Seuss from Oceanhouse Media. It is a goofy story of rhymes and the various creatures found in the main character's house. This book app offers three options for reading: read to me, read it myself… Read More

Five Little Monkeys Collection

Have you read Five Little Monkey stories?   Do you like it?  Now they are available in apps.  Five Little Monkeys Collection #1 by Oceanhouse Media was released about a week ago.  This is the digital version of the print collection, released in 2009 for the 20th-anniversary of the Five Little Monkeys books, by Eileen Christelow. This collection includes the following titles: • Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed: a charming bedtime story sure to send children giggling off to bed… Read More