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Bike Repair

Do you like biking? When the weather is nice, we like to go biking and it is a great outdoor activity for the whole family. However, bike maintenance takes a lot work. How often do you check your bike? Do you do it together with the kids? Doing the bike maintenance and repair together with kids is a good opportunity to teach them about bike safety and even some engineering in the process. Bike Repair is an app provides guides… Read more

Winter Olympics for Children

Have you been watching Winter Olympics? We are. Watching sport events together offers opportunities for families to talk about a lot interesting subjects that are way beyond sports.  Subjects like Olympic history, inspirations, hard works, team spirit, success and failures, even cultural and customs. Winter Olympics Learning Resources for Kids If you are looking for talking topics and things to do with kids around Winter Olympics, I hope you will find the books and entertainments I listed here are helpful… Read more

Big Cat Race

As much as I enjoyed all the great educational apps I have been recommending, I have always hoped to find apps that can get kids outside of house and running.  Apps for star gazing, bird watching, remotely monitor helicopter, or even math games involving walking around, are all my favorite apps.  Today I am going to recommend an app that will really get kids moving.  It is called Big Cat Race. What the app does is to set up a… Read more

FIFA Soccer 13

If you kids are into soccer, they will love FIFA Soccer 13.  It is a soccer simulation game using real league names and following real game rules. It features 30 soccer leagues, 500 licensed teams, and more than 15,000 players. In the Quick Match mode, kids play the game as soccer players.  Using a virtual joystick and couple other buttons, players can run, sprint, pass the ball, take shots, and slide tackle opposing team member.  This is a great way… Read more

Zoo Champ

The Olympics have come to a close.  However, with the app Zoo Champ, you can keep the Olympics spirit going. Zoo Champ helps kids aged 4 to 8 learn about all the various sports, wrestling, archery, sailboat, gymnastics, etc., with a dream team of the best animals like hippos and lions. From the cover page, kids can pick which sport they want to learn.  When the children are on the sport’s page, they will learn the discipline and fun facts about the… Read more