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Storytelling and Learning with Stickers post image

Storytelling gives kids opportunity to express themselves. Even young children who have not mastered the language itself can express themselves in many ways other than language. Today's app CreAppcurentos is a wonderful tool for kids to do that. It is a free app letting kids create and tell their own stories with stickers. In addition, kids can record sounds, play puzzles based on their own stories. CreAppcurentos is free to download. There are several themes for kids to create stories… Read More

10 Apps for Kids To Create Their Own Videos post image

Do your kids like to use your phone or tablet like iPad to take pictures and videos? I have seen many kids playing with them. Why not take advantage of their interest and have them make some fun movies? Kids will have fun and without knowing it, they will be learning movie making and presenting skills, some will learn about storytelling too. Today we share some apps that allow kids to create movies or presentations with videos. As most of… Read More

Create Presentations and Video Stories with Shadow Puppet post image

Every time when we travel I like to ask my son to keep photos and to make a travel journal by the end. While doing this, he practiced his presenting and storytelling skills. In the meantime, we have a keepsake for us to review and remember what we've done for each vacation. It's been fun for us. I introduced some best storytelling learning tools for kids, and today I have one more to share -- Shadow Puppet. Shadow Puppet is… Read More

Create Your Own TV Shows with TeleStory post image

I just read the news that LaunchPad the company who created Toontastic app is bought by Google. As a celebration, they set two of their apps free: Toontastic and TeleStory. We reviewed Toontastic, which is a fun app letting kids create their own stories and making them into movies. Toontastic also teaches kids how to arrange the storyline to make the stories more interesting. Different from Toontastic, TeleStory is an app letting kids create their own TV shows with provided… Read More

Best Storytelling Learning Tools for Kids on iPad and Other Tablets post image

I like storytelling activities and storytelling learning tools. Storytelling helps kids develop oral language skills, boost thinking skills, creativity, and imagination. While learning to put a story together, kids in fact gain skills in better listening and reading. Also storytelling helps kids express their emotions and feelings that many times are hard to do. Today we share top storytelling learning tools for kids on iPad, many are also available on other devices. This is part of our Best Learning Tools… Read More

Create Your Own Story with Dora and Friends post image

Nick Jr has a brand new app Dora and Friends that combines kid-friendly fun with imaginative language building skills parents will love. In the app Dora the Explorer received a bit of a makeover. Dora is now ten and is exploring the city with her friends and a brand new ‘map app’. Kids can create their own adventures with ten interactive scenes, all the characters, fun props and music from the show. On the opening screen, players can view all… Read More

Adobe Voice

I just shared some apps for travel journaling for kids on my post How to Turn Travel into Learning Experience. Today I have one more wonderful app to add to it: Adobe Voice. It is a new free app from Adobe. I am quite impressed with the quality of the multimedia stories you can create with the app. With many pre-packaged theme options, it is perfect for kids who don’t know how to polish a presentation yet. All you need do is… Read More

Storyboard That

Storytelling is a good training for kids. Kids learn so many things in the story telling process. They learn how to organize their thoughts; they learn the sequence of events and activities; they learn storytelling basics, such as beginning, middle and end; they learn to articulate an idea. It is a good activity for kids’ imagination. As parent, I always find something about my child I did not know. There are things kids don’t tell parents for various reasons, but… Read More

Explain Everything

We have been using Explain Everything as a digital storytelling tool for a while. I really like it for its flexible features that allowing us to use it for different projects. Explain Everything is designed to be a screencast, interactive whiteboard, and presentation tool for iPad and Android that allows users to record audio and video, annotate with drawings and shapes, and animate objects all at the same time. Projects can be played back and edited within the app or… Read More

Sago Mini Doodlecast

Sago Mini Doodlecast is a unique drawing app for kids age 2 to 7. It not only can save your kids drawing, but also their talking. It can serve as a wonderful digital storytelling tool for young kids. Kids can talk while drawing, and the app will record the drawing process as well as their voice, so you can here the young artists' stories while watching the masterpieces being created. When kids start the app, they will be presented with… Read More

Doodlecast Pro

Doodlecast Pro is a neat tool that can be used for many purposes. It can be a presentation tool, if you have a project to share. It can be a storytelling app for kids to tell a story. It can be a teaching tool for anyone trying to explain something with visual aid.  It is an app allows users to write or draw on the screen while explaining the drawing or writing. The app records the whole process, including the visual and… Read More

Tellagami – a free storytelling app

Tellagami is a free storytelling app for kids.  It lets you create and share a short animated story called Gami, a fun app kids will love to use.  It is free on app store. Kids can create an animated story in 3 simple steps. First, they can customize the storytelling character. Features they can choose from are: gender, skin tone, hair style, eye colors, clothing, and emotions. Next, kids can choose a background for their story.  They can choose one from those… Read More

Night Zookeeper Story Pairs

This app is a memory game with a cute twist the whole family can get in on.  The game can be played with up to four players who get to test their memory skills with a matching game of pairs.  Seems simple enough, but the twist lies in which pairs you get.  Ahhhh.  Each set has a specific character who holds a special power, maybe a plot twist, a bizarre characteristic or a setting.  Whoever wins has to make up… Read More

LEGO Movie Maker

We are crazy about this LEGO Movie Maker App. The reason we love it so much mostly stems from its versatility. My son and I can make a very rudimentary ten second film, or we can pass it off to my husband who might just produce a full length feature soon because he is so obsessed. Your child (or in my case, husband) chooses from just 5 different opening title scenes so it's not too overwhelming for a little one… Read More

Easy Studio Animate with Shapes

Easy Studio – Animate with shapes is a fun app you and your kids will all like.  Just like the app title suggested, it lets kids put together animations on the iPad using only geometric shapes. There are two play modes: Easy and Expert.  When kids first start the app, they will be in Easy mode.  Kids will watch a tutorial on the basic functionalities – how to move pieces onto the canvas, how to take single pictures, how to play the… Read More