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Leo’s Pad Preschool Learning Series

Leo’s Pad is a series of apps for preschool kids learning. Based on child development research, the content of the apps is well designed to assist child’s development as a whole person. In addition to academic skills, it addresses many other skills, like social cue reading, collaboration, and problem solving. Since it is designed for iPad, it utilizes all the features the tablets can offer to engage kids. All the activities are integral part of the story, so kids feel… Read More

Splash math grade 1 to 5 app

I have reviewed Splash Math app series last year. We have been using it almost daily for my son’s math practice. I was really glad to know that Splash Math has updated their program to make it available on the internet, with new price structure. You can now have daily free math drills of maximum 20 questions if you sign up for a free account. This is great news for those who don’t have iPAD. Now your child can have… Read More

Tellagami – a free storytelling app

Tellagami is a free storytelling app for kids.  It lets you create and share a short animated story called Gami, a fun app kids will love to use.  It is free on app store. Kids can create an animated story in 3 simple steps. First, they can customize the storytelling character. Features they can choose from are: gender, skin tone, hair style, eye colors, clothing, and emotions. Next, kids can choose a background for their story.  They can choose one from those… Read More

Play and Learn with Wallace

Play and Learn with Wallace is a learning app series designed for preschool kids.  It combines educational games and interactive play to engage preschoolers in a fun learning environment. It is a shell app, holds all the apps coming into the series.  It is free to download, with sample questions from each individual app to play with.  There are currently 4 apps are available, each has 6 games.  The 4 apps are: My first app: Kids learn simple words, numbers… Read More