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The Trip Little Critter Reading Adventure

What fun Apps!   The Trip Little Critter Reading Adventure is based on Mercer Mayer’s classic book of the same title and features his incredible original artwork.  It is a story book app with two options. One is to go on a Reading Adventure, two is to just read the story yourself, which is a great option for this app as the Reading Adventure can take a long time. On this adventure the whole Critter Family needs to get to Lake Wakatookee for… Read More


Squiggles is a creative app for young children.  It is FREE for limited time. Introduction on App Store:  Pictures come to life with "Squiggles!", a revolutionary new educational drawing app for young children. A child’s simple hand-drawn squiggle can become a bird’s nest, rocket smoke, cotton candy, sheep’s wool, a curly beard, and more! Simply squiggle away to complete Lazoo’s internationally award-winning art. Then hit the GO button and watch drawings soar, pulsate, move, twirl, and multiply. Save your child’s… Read More

One of iGameMom's favorite app - Bug Games - went Free today.  It is free only for this weekend.  If you have a toddler, go get it before Monday! Here is iGameMom's review: 4-in-1 Preschool Learning Games  … Read More


Zoo Train is a learning app designed for preschoolers, teaching basic concepts of number sequence, word spelling, shapes, and music. It is from the developer who created the Bug Games, which was reviewed and recommended by iGameMom a while ago.  It is now $0.99 with 50% off at App Store. There are 5 games in the app.  All games are with bright pictures, cute animations, fun sounding effects and music. Picture Puzzles: Kids move pieces around to fit into the picture… Read More

ABA Flash Card & Games – Emotions post image

This is an app that helps babies and toddlers understand people all have different feelings and emotions.  By showing various pictures of people (mostly kids) with different emotions, it teaches kids to recognize different emotions. It has a play mode – the flash cards will be randomly shown and read to the kids.  You can also choose the game mode – the kids can play some matching games.  As parents, you can decide which card to be shown.  You can also… Read More


TeachMe is another app series goes by age level.  It has Toddler, Kindergarten, Grade1, Grade2, and Grade3.  Each grade covers spelling and basic math.  Compared to SplashMath, it is clear that each subject is not comprehensive at all.  For example, 2nd grade math only covers addition and subtraction up to two digit numbers.  There is no coverage of Time, Money, and Geometry.  However, there are things I like about it, especially the Toddler and Kindergarten ones: Parent control: You can keep… Read More

Bug Games App for Preschooler

Bug Games is a collection of fun-filled learning games for pre-schoolers. There are four games in this app, each focuses on a different development area: Bee Word Builder – spelling and phonics Each time you will see 3 letters on top of three sun flowers. You have to drag the letters to the correct sun flower to make a word. Once you put the letters on the right flower, you will hear a phonic pronunciation of each letter and of… Read More