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App Went Free: Dr. Seuss Band – to Celebrate Dr. Seuss Birthday

Today is Dr. Seuss’s birthday. This free app is a perfect gift to celebrate the beloved author’s birthday.

When you start the app, you can choose the song you want to play, and the way you want to play. There are 10 songs, all are soundtracks of Dr. Seuss, such as Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham. Among the 10, 3 are free. The rest can be unlocked by earning points or in-app purchase.

You can choose between two ways of play – Music Game, or Free Play. For Music Game, you will follow the colored hints to play on the keys. The better you play, the higher score you can earn. There are three levels of game play: Easy for beginners, Medium for experienced players, Hard for experts. The first 2 are free. To play Hard, you have to earn enough points to unlock it.

Younger kids, who can move figures around on the ipad, should be able to enjoy the free play. Kids at 5 or 6 will have enough finger coordination to do the Music Game at Easy level. Once they get enough practice, they can move on to Medium or Hard level.

There are 5 Horn instruments you can choose from: Trumpet, French Horn, Clarinet, Trombone, and Flute. The first 2 are free. The rest are locked at the beginning. The fun part is the 10 crazy horn effects. You can add the fun effects like a Fish Bowl, Train Whistle to your music. However, when you just start, there are only two are available. You have to earn points to unlock the rest, or you can pay to unlock.

How kids benefit from this app & how you can help:

Young toddlers: while they randomly playing the keys, you can help them learn different keys creating different level of pitches. You can even point out the letters on the key, A through G.

Young children: the random play will hone their creativities for sure. Game play will train their eye-hand coordination. It is also a good early keyboard encounter for them. You may discover a future Mozart while playing the game.

Overall it is a very good app that can bring hours of fun to all ages. It is also FREE. Check it out at the App Store.

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