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App Went FREE: Multi-Lingual – Mr.Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes

App Went FREE: Multi-Lingual – Mr.Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes post image

Here is another FREE book app for you. What I like the most about this app is the option to choose among 7 languages, and each is read and written professionally.

The story:

A twist of ‘The little Red Riding Hood’ story, Mr.Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes “transports the reader in a whimsical world where all sorts of funky characters cohabit in harmony at the sound of dreamy jazz music”. ‘Red Hood’ went to Grandma’s with Ginger Cupcakes. Mr.Wolf is a vegetarian and tricks Grandma with a free bingo ticket so he can play a chess game with the little girl. Just as Mr. Wolf wins at chess and is about to enjoy the ginger cupcakes, a passing entomologist bursts in, believes the little girl is in danger. All he finds out is everything is ok.

Reading options:

  • Read to Me: You can listen to the story be professionally read to you. You can choose one of the seven languages offered. When you change the language choice, both the reading and the written words are changed correspondingly. However, the pop ups are always in English.
  • Read it Myself: You read the story like a real book.

Additional Features:

  • Pop up Tap and Discover: On each page, you can touch the pictures and some short sentences or words may pop up, sharing the character’s thoughts, such as “I wish I can eat the cupcake”. On each page there are multiple spots that you can have these “tap and popup” interaction.
  • Seven languages to choose from: English, Italian, French, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), Japanese, and Spanish.
  • 34 pages illustrated in watercolor and pencils by acclaimed Australian Illustrator Lucia Masciullo.

Who is this app for:

This is a good bed time book app. The illustration is beautiful, the music is soothing, and the story has a happy ending.

It is not designed for kids to learn reading. The fond is beautiful, but could be hard for young children to recognize the letters. There is no word-highlight while it is read. When you tap the word, the whole page will be re-read. You cannot have a single word be repeated.

Overall, it is a good book, with multiple language options. It can be potentially a learning tool for bi-lingual kids, or for someone who is trying to learn a new language. It is FREE.

Check it out in at the App Store: Mr. Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes - Red Riding Hood, kids storybook - Blue Quoll

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  • This is really suited for my kiddo! I will try it as soon as I can. Thanks for sharing and thanks for liking my latest post!!! Appreciate it…:D

  • Not sure why my reply to your 2nd comment went to the top ….

  • Good job mom! The “have-things-in-control mom” and “happy-enpowered son” are the best desired outcome.

  • How Fun!!! My 4 year old is a PRO when it comes to using my iPhone. He knows how to find new games through games I already have downloaded on my phone. He is constantly asking “Mom can you download this one?” Im always looking for the FREE apps. I can’t wait to check this one out and see how he likes it tonight!

    It’s funny how the young children today are so tech savvy.. When I was 4, 5, 6, I think the most tech smart thing I could use was a VCR 🙂

    • Yes, my son was the same. The reason I start doing app research and this blog is to make sure us, the parents are still in control, not the kids! 🙂

      • My son totally thinks he is the boss! Little does he know.. the apps that I do download, are not only fun, but educational! Mwahaha 😉

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