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Earth Day Activities for Kids

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Spring is finally here. With Earth Day approaching, we are sharing Earth Day activities for kids, plus learning resources. We have learning activities in the backyard, activities about seeds and plants, study ideas to explore nature, and wind. We also have nature and earth themed books and movies for kids.

Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Day learning activities and learning resources for kids, subjects like wind, bird, plant, seed | nature | backyard

Explore seeds with kids. Do you know mint can re-root in water?

and you can take a close look at what’s inside a bean seed.

Would like to make a water wheel?

All kids like to play with worms, have you thought about worm play dough?

How about nature themed sensory play?

Now it is the perfect season to explore the nature. Check out 10 nature study ideas, and see what you can do with kids.

Go for a nature hunt, with these nature hunt free printables.

and keep a nature journal.

Do you know you can make your own anemometer to estimate wind speed?

For younger kids, don’t miss these 4 learning activities and 5 books about wind for younger kids, plus links to more wind learning activities.

For older kids, you can do composting with kids

and working on outdoor chores as a family is a also a great learning experience, not only on seasonal changes, but also on responsibilities and helping each other.

Watch environmental themed movies together

and read earth themed books together.

For more Earth Day learning resources, check out 8 Earth Day Apps, 150 Free Earth Day Math Printable Worksheets
Earth Day Math Printable Worksheet preschool kindergarten elementary school
Earth Day Apps for Kids fun learning

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