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130+ Free Earth Day Math Printable Worksheets for Kids

130+ Free Earth Day Math Printable Worksheets for Kids post image

April 22 is Earth Day. In addition to Earth Day Apps and Earth Day activities, we also collected Earth Day themed math worksheets for kids, from preschool to school age. All are free. Happy Earth Day.

Free Earth Day Math Printable Worksheets for Kids

Free Earth Day Math Printable Worksheets for Kids in preschool kindergarten to grade 5. Some allows you to generate more worksheets of the chosen template and content, such as two-digit addition.
Earth Day addition facts worksheets are 3 pages of fun activities for kids to practice additions and discovery the codes to decode the secret messages.

After addition, you might want to do some subtraction with this set of Earth Day subtraction sheets.

This set math worksheets including both addition and subtraction, as well as 8 word problems for early elementary students.

This is a math worksheet set of 6 pages including addition, subtraction and multiplication, and all are Earth Day related.

12 pages of this Earth Day update pack are math activities for kids from kindergarten to early elementary school, including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, charts, time, and more. To download the pack, click the red download link right above the “update package” image at the bottom of the post, then scroll to the bottom of the download page.

Younger children will like these Earth Day tally and counting sheets.

This is another one page of addition worksheet for those who just started with numbers.

28 pages of these two 20-page Earth Day printable packs are math activities, from counting, to addition, to fraction, as well as word problems, time, group charts. To download, click the red link above the “update package” image, and the links to these two packs are to the left of the Earth Day Pack image.

Looking for math worksheets for multiple age groups? Here are over 70 pages of Earth Day themed math worksheets for grade 1 to 5. What is even better, if you need a different worksheet of the same content and format, just click on “generate new worksheet” at the top of the screen, you get a new worksheet of the same pattern.

You can also combine science and math with this plant height chart worksheet.

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