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Fun App for Dinosaur and Truck Lovers

Fun App for Dinosaur and Truck Lovers post image

Do your kids like dinosaurs? How about trucks? and How about combining both into one? Dinotrux is a new Netflix show by DreamWorks for kids age 4 and up. It is based on the picture books of the same title, but the show has expanded the stories from the book tremendously. To accompany the show, DreamWorks also launched a free app of the same title. If you have kids like dinosaurs and trucks, you don’t want to miss Dinotruk.
Dinotrux free app for dinosaur truck loving kids
Netflix started the series in mid August. Dinotrux features dino-ized construction vehicles and tools. Ty Rux, the main character of the show, is a truck and T Rex hybrid with a wrecking ball as the tail. His best buddy Revvit is a little Reptool. They team with friends like Skya, the Craneosaur, and Garby, the Stegarbasaurus, against D-Structs, a bully Dinotrux.

The app is free, and it is available on both Apple devices and Android devices. Before you download, make sure your device has enough storage space. It is an app with big size. Currently it is at 155MB. Hope the developer can manage to minimize the size.

With the app, kids can have a direct interaction with the characters in the show. They will feed the Dinotrux, repair and clean them, help them build their home and fight with bad guys. It is also a good way to stay update with the stories.

They can interact and play with the 6 main Dinotrux characters: Ty, Revvit, Skya, Dozer, Ton-Ton and Garby.

A fun part is they can train the Dinotrux characters, so they gain new skills all the time.

Kids will also learn to take responsibilities, as they have to maintain the Dinotrux in their garage, keep them in top working condition by feeding, detailing and repairing them after each adventure into the field, that they call the crater.

Kids can also customize the crater with memorable prop and structures from each episode of the show. They can also learn more about each character with the videos, pictures, and bios of of the Dinotrux characters.

It is a fun app, no matter you are watching the show or not. Plus it is free on both Apple App Store and Google Play.

You can watch the show on Netflix. If you want to read the book, you can find them on Amazon. For story related hands-on learning activities, you can make your own dinotrux, and play maze and word games.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
DinoTrux DinoTrux

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