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Interactive Games for English Letters and Words

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Children learn language through play and interacting with people. The more they receive language stimulus the faster they learn, and the richer their language will be. The best way to foster kids language skills early on is to provide the same learning setting as they are going through their daily lives. Lingokids is a just such an app for kids to learn English.
learn English with interactive games - fun app for preschool kindergarten kids
The app development team works with Oxford University Press and incorporated Oxford University Press early language learning curriculum into the app. The lessons are based on repetition and language immersion. Kids will learn in contexts familiar to them. There is no sit down official lectures. Kids learn by play.

When you start the app, you will be asked to sign up for an account, and set up your child’s profile. There are 3 levels for the program: Low, Medium, and High. Low level is for kids who are trying to master individual words; Medium level is to help kids learn simple phrases; and High level is about communicating needs. You will also pick kids age from 2 to 6. Last, you want to choose the gender of the child.

There are 15 units in the app. Each unit has a different focus. Some of the themes are: Family, Fruits, Clothes, Animals, Instrument, Food, Toys, Shapes, Bath Time, School, Prepositions, Adjectives. Also weaved in with each unit are the grammars, such as simple present tense senses, sentences using do or does, sentences starting with Let’s, etc. All these are learned through interactive playful activities.

In the first unit, kids are introduced by 3 characters, Cowey, Cowey’s mom, and Cowey’s grandpa. Then they are asked to point out who is Cowey’s mom. If kids point the right person, they receive a gift box. After kids open the box, they find a letter A, and are asked to trace the letter. After kids successfully trace the letter, a big apple shows up on the screen, and kids will hear “A is for Apple”.

Next kids are again introduced to Cowey, Cowey’s mom, and Cowey’s grandpa. But this time, it is in different sentence format, “His name is Cowey”. After the same activity, kids receive a gift box with letter B in it. And then, kids are introduced to Cowey, Cowey’s dad, and Cowey’s grandma, finishing up with a gift box hiding the letter C.

The next unit is about fruit. Kids are shown fruits on the trees. They are told “Cowey loves apples”, and then are told to feed Cowey 5 apples. Kids will pick the apples to feed Cowey 5 times. As kids feed Cowey, they will hear the counting from 5 to zero.

Another unit is about classroom. Kids will see two children jumping and making noises in a classroom, and are asked to help the two children to calm down. What kids need do is to turn off the speaker on the picture. They then asked to put the backpack and pencils where they belong. After each activity, kids are shown a letter and asked to trace the letter.

While introducing prepositions, kids are playing hide and seek. They are asked to find someone, and then told “Cowey is in the igloo”. Kids need find the igloo, and watch inside the igloo to find Cowey.

As you can see, all the learning is through play, in the settings that are familiar to the kids. Some additional features include: Offline mode to learn on the go and weekly progress report for parents.

Lingokids is a nice English language program for preschool and kindergarten children to master the language at their level in a fun and playful way. It is free to download, and $7.99 per month, with the first month free.
If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store button provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support!  Note: the button works for all countries. 
Lingokids Lingokids

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