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Movies to Help Kids Improve Academic Performance

Movies to Help Kids Improve Academic Performance post image

Kids love movies and TV shows, it is a smart idea to find some movies and shows that will help kids improve their academic performance. I am glad to see there are quite a few of these shows for kids of different ages. Let’s get started.

Movies and TV Shows to Help Kids Improve Academic Performance
Will movies and TV shows help kids on their academic performance? Can you teach with movies? Try these 7 -- you will be delighted and kids will love them too. You can even build some into lesson plans.
Reading Rainbow: is a great show for children’s literacy. Kids will have fun watch celebrities reading the books they love. Available on Amazon, Netflix.

Odd Squad: When bizarre things happen around town, young agents Olive, Otto and the rest of the Odd Squad use their wits and math skills to solve the cases. Available on Amazon Netflix

How the States Got Their Shapes: A clever road documentary series blending history, politics and geography to show how America’s states got their current borders. Available on Amazon Netflix

The Magic School Bus: Follow Ms.Frizzle and the class as the Magic School Bus travels to other space, under the sea, through an anthill, and even inside the human body. Kids will learn so much through these exciting experience. Available on Amazon, Netflix

WordGirl: a show teaching kids words and spelling, and good moral values. Available on Amazon

The Cat in the Hat Know a Lot About That: Is there anything the Cat in the Hat doesn’t know? Follow Sally and Nick to learn something from the goofy cat. Available on Amazon, Netflix.

Super Why: follow the team of super readers while they solve problems through reading and reasoning. Kids will love to read along with the team. Available on Amazon

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