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9 Math YouTube Channels for Preschool and Kindergarten Kids

9 Math YouTube Channels for Preschool and Kindergarten Kids post image

We posted a math YouTube channel list for school age kids. Today we share a list of math channels for preschool and kindergarten kids. Most educational resources for younger kids don’t separate different subjects, so there are few channels for younger kids just focus on math, instead these are educational YouTube channels for young children with extensive math contents.

Fun Math YouTube Channels for Preschool Kindergarten Kids

9 Math YouTube channels for preschool and kindergarten kids, with fun math videos and hands-on math activity ideas
Childcare Land is a great early learning resource. There is a section of preschool math, all are hands on activities. If you are looking for hands on learning ideas, this is a good place to go.

Nellie and Ned is a fun early learning channel. There is a section on their homepage called Fun School, which include many preschool math content, such as number, shape, count.

Elaine engerdahl has many cool early learning videos, including some math videos. One of my favorite is this number song.

Counting for Kids is a channel dedicated to teaching kids count. You will find a few different videos helping kids learn counting.

Kids Educational Game has many educational videos for kids from preschool to early elementary school. The math playlist has quite a few videos for preschool kids covering topics like counting, shapes.

Shows4Learning is a educational channel for preschool kids. You will find videos on learning numbers, counting, and shapes. All are designed for young children.

BrainTofu is a channel dedicated to early childhood education. They don’t have a specific math playlist, but has many math content for toddlers and preschools, such as count to 10, learn about triangles. All are animated fun short videos that just right for preschool kids.

Math Video for Kids has many math videos for kids from preschool to grade 2. The link will take you to their preschool play list.

iKenEdu is mostly for school age kids, but there is a playlist of primary math that has video for kindergarteners. You will find topics like numbers, shapes. Advanced preschoolers may find them helpful.


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