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Train Dragons on Your iPad and Mobile Devices

Train Dragons on Your iPad and Mobile Devices post image

Have you seen the movie How to Train Your Dragon? Now DreamWorks is working with Netflix to launch a new extension series exclusively on Netflix Dragons Race to the Edge. It is coming out on June 26. In the same time, they also launched an app School of Dragons. Kids can grow and train their own dragons right on the iPad or other tablets. If you don’t like to play on tablets, you can also play on computer on the website.
train dragons on your ipad - school of dragons app based on How to Train Your Dragon
Besides all the original art work and music, I like it being educational for kids. It is a simulation app. Kids sign in as a viking who is going to the dragon school. Kids can create their own avatar, which is always fun for kids of all ages. Once they create their own viking, they can walk around and interact with other vikings. They are asked to do some tasks. Those at the beginning are easy ones that are to help them get familiar to the school environment. For example, the first task is to find Hiccup and to talk to him. Kids have to learn how to move the character along certain path and how to talk to other characters in the game.

Kids will explore different unknown lands, find new dragons, or breed new dragons, raise the dragons with certain strengths and weakness, train them, and take them to missions. Through all these experience, their dragons move up the rank, gain new experience.

The app designers are trying to build in science experiment concepts into the dragon raising process. For example, if kids want certain characteristics to be added to the dragon, they need figure out how, try different ways, and experience fails, and try again. This is just what science research needed. As I talked with the design team, they are not trying to match the content to any school curriculum, but trying to find ways to instill these soft study skills while kids are playing. I think these soft skills are just what today’s kids need the most.

With the new Netflix series Race to the Edge starting soon on June 26, the app is going to have updates with new features, such as new lands, or new dragons, corresponding to the series. The app is large in size. It is recommended to have 1GB free space on your device before you download the app. The size of the app is not 1GB, it just means you need about 1GB free space for the games to play smoothly.

It is available on iPhone, iPod and iPad, as well as on Amazon App Store and Google Play. It is free to download and should be able to play without any in-app purchase. However, if you want to move the game faster, there are options to buy gems, which is the money that you use inside the game.

School of Dragon is also available on their website, so you can play on computers too.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
School of Dragon School of Dragon School of Dragon

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