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YouTube Science Videos Teaching Kids Human Body Muscular System

YouTube Science Videos Teaching Kids Human Body Muscular System post image

Learning can continue to be fun with a little help from YouTube and this handy list. If you are teaching muscular system, you will find these science videos on YouTube helpful. There are videos for all different ages, from preschool, kindergarten to high school.

Do you know there are three types of muscles?

Human Muscular System YouTube Science Videos for Kids

YouTube science videos for kids to learn Human Body Muscular System. Preschool kindergarten to high school

Muscular System: This cartoon from kidshealth.org starts off with a comparison between 3 different body types. They then dive into the three different types of muscles; smooth, cardiac, and skeletal. A great video for kids from 8 years old and up.

How Your Muscles Work: Here is another Kids Health video that features Chloe and the Nurb! These videos are always entertaining… I’ll admit it, I even like these ones.

Bill Nye the Science Guy Muscles & Bones: You can learn about how the skeletal muscles work in this video where Bill Nye uses some pretty interesting props. There are also some interesting facts about animals scattered throughout the video. As always, he keeps kids interested from start to finish.

How Do Our Body’s Move?: Even though this YouTube video touches on other human systems, it is a great short video to watch that will introduce kids to the muscular system and how does it work together with skeletal and nerve system.

Muscles & Bones: This video is perfect for the younger crowd. It is a cartoon that is under 5 minutes and includes the help of a dog to explain how the muscles work with the bones to move the entire body.

Muscular System: You can use this educational video as more of a powerpoint presentation to help your middle school aged kiddos learn everything they need to about the muscular system.

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Musculatory Rap: I would use this video to help pre-teens to teenaged kids learn about the muscular system. It is a bit catchy and might cause a bit of laughter, but that is what makes learning fun!

Crash Course: Big Guns: This series is perfect for teenagers. It is entertaining, a bit funny, short, and it provides quite a bit of information.

The Muscular System Explained in Under 6 Minutes: Use this video as a teaching tool for teenagers to learn some great information about the muscular system. It has a mixture of video clips, PowerPoint-type slides, and images.

felt human body organ

How Your Muscular System Works: There are some very interesting facts about muscles in this video, including this little tidbit: it takes 200 muscles to lift one foot!

Science Videos teaching human Muscular System on YouTube for kids

What Makes Muscles Grow?: I wanted to include this video because it explores an interesting topic, what makes muscles grow? Spoiler alert… it turns out it takes exercise, balanced diet, and rest!

Human Muscular System Teaching Books and Tools

Muscular System Coloring Book: Learn about human muscles by coloring the muscular system!

Our Muscular System: This book is a great resource because it provides scientific facts with easy to understand text. The pictures are pretty amazing too.

Muscle Ball: Use this clever gadget as a way to relax your muscles. You can also use it as a way for students to identify certain muscles while learning about the muscular system. After all, everyone likes a good massage!

What teaching tools do you utilize to teach your students about the human body systems? I hope that these human muscular system YouTube videos for kids helps you make learning fun.

If you haven’t had a chance, stop by the rest of our Human Body System Posts for even more learning fun and resources.

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