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Science Videos on YouTube Teaching Kids Human Body Respiratory System

Science Videos on YouTube Teaching Kids Human Body Respiratory System post image

My list of human respiratory system YouTube science videos for kids includes a variety of shows from cartoons to live hosted episodes that will help students learn about the larynx, Adam’s apple, lungs, and more.

Breathing is an essential part of the human body! It is also the beginning of the respiratory system, so let’s get started on this breathtaking list of YouTube videos.

Human Respiratory System YouTube Videos for Kids

Teacher approved science videos on YouTube teaching students Respiratory System: nose, larynx, trachea, bronchi, and lung; for kids from preschool to high school. Perfect for science class and homeschool, human body unit, physiology.

How Your Lungs Work by Kids Health: In this cartoon on the human respiratory system, Chloe takes off on a race. As she races, she starts to become short of breath. It’s the perfect beginning to start the discussion on the different organs that make up the human respiratory system.

Dr. Bincos Respiratory System: Dr. Binco makes learning about the respiratory system fun and interesting! The video is only about four minutes long, which keeps the attention span requirement low.

Respiratory System for Kids: This video explains how the respiratory system works in a simple to understand terms. One of my favorite examples in this video is how they use a sponge to soak up water to demonstrate how the lungs work.

Crash Course Respiratory System: Grab the attention of your older students with this video. The respiratory system is explained in a way that will keep older kids interested while learning, which hits our goal as a parent and/or educator! My favorite part about this video is that it has interesting and engaging diagrams.

How the Respiratory System Works: This video goes through the basic processes of the respiratory system. The host uses in-depth and fun examples to teach kids all about the respiratory system, including everything from the larynx to the lungs.

What do the Lungs Do?: Looking for a little bit more than just cartoons? Then this video is the perfect solution! Although this Ted-Ed video is very short, it is informative. In this case, shorter is sweeter.

Meet the Lungs: This Khan Acadamy video is perfect for kids ages 5th grade and up. It offers very in-depth explanations of the human respiratory system, including information about the Adam’s apple.

Respiratory System Introduction: Much like the video above, this video is full of in-depth explanations about the human respiratory system. Although it is in a cartoon form, I would recommend this video for the older crowd of students. It also touches on respiratory alignments such as asthma and emphysema.

Respiratory System: a fun lecture by a teacher, with a lot images. What sets this one apart from the rest videos is the comparison between human body respiratory system and other animals. The teacher does a very good job at explaining the science behind the air and oxygen exchange. This is another one for older kids who like to ask a lot “why” and “how” questions.

The Lungs Song: This is a cute little song about the lungs and respiratory system. They go through each part and little section to show how they all work together. A fun add to your class.

Science Videos on YouTube teaching kids Respiratory System: nose, larynx, trachea, bronchi, and lung

Human Respiratory System Teaching Books and Tools

The Respiratory System Anatomy Adventure Game: Play a game to get those brains learning. This board game takes players on a mission that is full of clues and adventure.

Respiratory Model: Build your own lung model that is anatomically correct. Perfect for all of those hands-on learners. Colorful and it also comes with a fact guide.

Illumanatomy: Although this is a book that includes all of the human body systems, the section on the human respiratory system is incredible! Take a look.

For even more human body system learning check out my post on 10 YouTube Science Videos for Teaching Kids about the Skeletal System.

Don’t forget to share your favorite YouTube learning videos with me in the comments!

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Science Videos on YouTube teaching kids Respiratory System: nose, larynx, trachea, bronchi, and lung
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