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45+ Plant Science Experiments To Learn Plant Life Cycles

45+ Plant Science Experiments To Learn Plant Life Cycles post image

Spring is the best time to learn about plants. We have done many plant life cycle science activities. Here we put them all together. They will be a fun science resource for your plant and flower unit, or a biology class supplement.

Science Experiments to Learn Plant Life Cycle

45+ Plant science experiments teaching kids plant life cycle. Science activities cover each of the stage: seed, leaf, flower, mature plant, fruit, ... STEM resource for science class, homeschool, after school program, summer camp
Plants start with seed. Different plants have different types of seeds. These seed science activities are perfect to get kids started on learning about plants.
After seeds germinating, they grow into full size plants. Most plants have leaves. Now it is time to study leaves with fun leaf science experiments.

Most fully grown plants have flowers. These flower science experiments will show kids different aspects of a flower’s life, which is part of plants’ life.

After conducting flower science activities, watch these YouTube Science Videos About Flowers. Kids will have even better understanding on flowers’ role in plants life.

After flowers, some plants will have fruits, some will have a different form, like seed pod, to carry the seeds. One easy way to explore the seed is using pumpkins. – Do you know pumpkins are fruits? Their seeds are inside the pumkins. These science activities with pumpkins will sure trigger some interest among kids.

Another way to learn about seed is to explore the Pine Cones. Try these Science Activities with Pine Cones to understand the features plants developed to protect the seeds and to help spread the seeds.

Once the seeds are planted, the new plant life cycle starts all over again.

While learning about plants, you definitely want to have these plant identification apps on your phone. How fun it will be if you can check out plant name and all related info from a picture of flowers or the leaves on your way to the park.

You will also like this Interactive Diorama of Plants. It not only shows plants in isolation, it shows how plants interact with the environment in different biomes.

For younger kids in preschool and kindergarten, you can use this plant life cycle app with easy visuals and interactive activities.

This plant life cycle article from National Geographic Kids is a really fun read for kids.

For more plant science ideas, check out 10 Plant Science Experiments for Your Kitchen
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