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Learn History and Culture of United Kingdom with Eric and Bruce post image

Eric and Bruce Travel to Britain is the first app in Eric and Bruce app series. It takes kids to the key cultural and historical highlights in Britain. Designed for kids age 5 and younger, it is a great cultural immersion app for young children. Eric is a young boy, and Bruce is his dog. Eric and Bruce travel the world, and the first stop is The Great Britain. Once kids enter the app with Eric and Bruce, the first… Read More

Smithsonian Channel App

I recently find a great educational app from Smithsonian – Smithsonian Channel. It has many of Smithsonian channel’s videos, some are full episodes, and they are free! It is available on almost all the different devices, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, Kindle. If you want to watch the videos on bigger screen, it is also available on their website, so you can watch the shows on your computer. I loved Smithsonian, and I simply can't believe I can watch Smithsonian Channel… Read More

Washington DC Book App

Washington DC is the capital city of the USA. It is a fascinating city full of history.  How much do you know about Washington DC? Washington D.C. by Kids Discover is a wonderful book app designed for kids with a lot interesting information about the city.  Designed for kids in upper elementary and middle school, the multi-media content and interactive features make the reading interesting and easier to engage for the kids. The app covers 8 chapters: 1. The District… Read More

Ancient Greece by Kids Discover

Ancient Greece by Kids Discover is a fun read for kids to learn about Greece.  It is free for limited time.  The app covers topics such as: Greek Gods, Athens, The Olympics, Life in Ancient Greece, Lasting Achievements, Greek Drama, Literature, and Architecture. It is a great reading experience with the right interactive features.  For example, for the section about Trojan Horse, kids will see the horse move towards the gate, and when it stops, the visual shows soldiers inside… Read More

European Exploration The Age of Discovery

European Exploration: The Age of Discovery is a FREE app my son shared with me a while ago.  They had played at school.  It is a simulation or a role play game like Oregon Trail. The app lets kids to role play as 15th Century captains responsible for exploring the world. The goal of the game is to discover the entire New World. In the game, kids are in charge of everything from hiring a crew, to building the ships… Read More

Da Vinci History

Da Vinci History is a biography book app for kids.  Regualr price $3.99, it is FREE for limited time. Introduction on App Store: Quelle Histoire Editions and the Réunion des Musées Nationaux (the federating body of France's national museums) are delighted to present to you the da Vinci application. PRESENTATION Discover the incredible destiny of Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most talented artists of the Renaissance. From Verrocchio's studio in Florence to the court of Francis I, re-live, moment… Read More

Britannica Kids: Ancient Rome

Britannica Kids: Ancient Rome is such a great app for upper elementary and middle school kids.  It has rich content yet all at the appropriate age level, no matter it is the length of each article or the vocabulary choices.  The games are fun and are tied very well with the main contents.  As an app full of historical facts, it is surprisingly engaging. When kids open the app, they will be at the articles section.  At the bottom of the… Read More

WP Politics

The other day I took my son and his friend to their soccer practice.  During the ride, I overheard the two 4th graders talking about who they will vote for if they can vote.  Their discussion triggered my search of good educational materials about election.  Of course, I started with apps.  I found that quite few news companies have election apps.  They are designed for people to keep track of the poll results and election related news.   I only found… Read More

Paris 3D Saga

Paris 3D Saga is an educational and entertaining app.  It is FREE for limited time as part of the release of Paris 3D Saga project!  Through interactive 3D models, it takes the users through the history of Paris beginning 20 centuries ago.  If you like history or virtual reality, this is a must have app on your iPAD. Introduction from the App Store: A time-travel through more than 2000 years of history: discover Paris' most famous monuments, with new 3D… Read More

Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail is an educational simulation game teaching kids what it was like to be a pioneer traveling west in the 1800s.  It is based on the classic PC simulation game The Oregon Trail, which was created in the 1970s. In the game, kids join a historic wagon train traveling west ward from Missouri to Oregon.  To start, kids can choose who they want to be, a farmer, a carpenter, or a banker.  While making the choices, kids are presented the… Read More

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