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10 Apps for Kids to Learn History

10 Apps for Kids to Learn History post image

Do you like history? How about your kids? I like history. It gives us the opportunities to reflect on what happened before, helps us to appreciate what we have today, and to anticipate what may happen in the future. There are many fun ways to learn history. We shared 4 simulation game apps for kids to learn history, and today we share more apps for kids to learn history.

Apps for Kids to Learn History

Do you like history? These 10+ apps are taking history teaching / study to a new level, with multi-media materials, role play games, interactive quizzes, and many fun activities kids love to play. Now you can travel the world and history right at your desk, in your classroom or home. | technology education resource
Medelia is a free app helping kids learn about the history of Mediterranean cities.

European Exploration is a free app letting kids to be a 15th Century ship captain who is responsible for building the ship, recruit the crew, and explore the world.

Eric and Bruce Travel to Britain is designed for preschool to kindergarten kids to learn the history of Britain. It is a self paced exploratory app for young children.

Ancient Rome by Britannica Kids is a very well designed app teaching kids about ancient Rome, including media rich material, games, and quizzes.

Timeline Eons is a very uniquely designed app. All major historical events are organized on the timeline, kids can zoom in and out the timeline to learn history during certain time period.

Timeline World War 2 with Robert MacNeil is another timeline app. Users can zoom in and out of the timeline of the entire war, go through over 2000 events, with information on key personalities, battles, locations.

Timeline World War 1 with Robert MacNeil is a similar app to the last one, but is for World War I.

Today in History is the best way to get key facts about iconic global events and fun facts from across the centuries.

The Oregon Trail: many people have played the computer version of the game. Now it is also available as apps. Kids role play as historical pioneers traveling west in the 1800s.

President vs Aliens is a fun game helping kids learn about US presidents.

JFK Challenge is a free app from The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, for kids to learn the history, particularly the two initiatives by JFK – The Peace Corps and The Space Program.

US Presidents by Britannica: includes detailed profiles of all the US presidents, such as presidential portrait, first lady, birthday and fun facts.

Photogrammar is a free photo archive of World War 2 pictures of American life. You can search by year and location that the photo was taken. You can also search by more than 15 categories, such as war, work, building. Each category has many sub-categories.

Faking It is a free app from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Kids can learn about history through the famous edited photos in history.

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