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10 Fun Apps Helping Kids Learn ABC

Lola’s ABC Party

Learning alphabet is the foundation of early literacy. In my opinions, there are never too many alphabet books or apps for kids. Today we put together 10 apps helping kids learn their ABCs. We choose the apps that each app is unique in a certain way, and hope no matter what is your child interest or learning style, you can find at least one app here that your child likes.

10 Fun Apps Helping Kids Learn ABC

10 fun alphabet apps helping kids learning ABC - each is unique in certain ways, no matter what's your child's interest or learning style, you can find one he/she will like
Alphabet of Insects: can you think of an insect name for each letter? This book app not only teaches the letters and insects’ names, but also interesting information about each insect.

Drawnimal:  great for artistic kids who like to draw. Kids are asked to draw an animal for each letter. What is fun is they are given partial drawing of each animal on screen, and they are to finish the whole picture on paper around what is given on the screen.

Avokiddo ABC Ride:  Kids will take a bike ride with Beck and Bo. Along the way, they are going to play 26 fun games, one game for each letter. As you may guess, the first game is about something starting with A.

Jamaroos Musical ABC: kids will have fun matching music instruments and animals in the music jungle. Can it be more fun than watching Cop the camel plays the cornet, and Gat the Gecko plays the Guitar?

Learn ABC Phonics: Sometimes you just need something that is simple and straight forward, like this one. Kids choose the letter, hear the letter to learn the sound of the letter, trace the lines to learn writing the letter.

ABC Alphabet Phonic: interactive animation for each letter, kids will love the funny cartoon characters, which will help kids remember the letter names and words start with the letter.

Endless Alphabet : When we reviewed it, it was free. Although now it is not free anymore, it is still one of the best alphabet apps for kids. Those little monsters are simple adorable.

Lola’s ABC Party : Who doesn’t like party? In this app, kids get to help Lola prepare for a party, play alphabet games, and when everything is done, they can enjoy all the party fun.

AlphaTot : Instead of object names, kids learn ABC via action words, like Add candle to the birthday cake; Fix the bike; Dig treasure; … Each action word is a fun activity. This means there are 26 fun activities in the app.

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  • Janelle

    These apps look great but is there anything in the andriod market? I love to learn about new apps to use with the kids I teach!

    • here are apps available on Android https://igamemom.com/Category/android/ – unfortunately there is no way to sort it by device and age, so you may have to scroll through to find the app that are in the age group you are looking for. Sometimes, developers make their apps in one platform first, then add to others, it is hard for us to keep track all. These are the ones that are available for Android when we reviewed them.

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