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Storyboard That

Storytelling is a good training for kids. Kids learn so many things in the story telling process. They learn how to organize their thoughts; they learn the sequence of events and activities; they learn storytelling basics, such as beginning, middle and end; they learn to articulate an idea. It is a good activity for kids’ imagination. As parent, I always find something about my child I did not know. There are things kids don’t tell parents for various reasons, but… Read more

Live Colors for Kids

Do you children like coloring and drawing? Today we have a coloring and drawing app to share, and it also helps kids learn color science and vocabulary. It is just updated and is on promotion. The full price is $2.99, but it is free today and then will be on promotion price for $0.99. The app is actually quite simple. Toddlers or preschoolers can play on it on their own. On the opening screen, kids can choose to draw pictures… Read more

Duckie Deck Sandwich Chef

I have seen several Duckie Deck apps recently, and they do a good job in engaging kids with apps. When I heard about their new app Sandwich Chef, I was excited to try it out. Plus, I am always interested in ways helping kids learn healthy food choices and eat healthy. I had a lot fun with the app, although it is designed for kids! It encourages kids eat healthy in a fun and friendly way. After playing with the… Read more

Monument Valley

I recently have been playing the game Monument Valley. It is an amazing game. Combining strategic problem solving, visual art, geometric and optical illusion, it is a game app I have not seen before. It is not for young kids, but definitely a great one for school age kids to gain first hand experience about all the different geometric structures and hone their problem solving skills. As described in the App Store, in Monument Valley, “you will manipulate impossible architecture… Read more

Drawnimal app

Drawnimal is a fun drawing app teaching alphabet. Kids will learn to draw 26 animals, one for each letter. I love it for its simplistic style and funny animations.  I believe you and your child will like it too. It is a great way for kids to learn ABC, and drawing. It is been free for a week, and still is. Grab it when you can, but even if you missed the deal, I think it still worth it. What… Read more

PicoToons Coloring Book

There are many coloring apps on App Store, most of them are about the same. When I first saw the app title, I did not pay much attention – just another coloring app. But once I started the app, I was quite impressed by the options it has. Picotoons Coloring Books is a coloring app designed for kids 5 and older, with many options that will bring out your child’s greatest imagination and creativity.  There are 6 coloring books in… Read more

I Like Stories

Are you looking for books for your kids? Today I have a wonderful book app for kids 6 and younger. It is an app holding 37 books titled “I like …”, such as I Like Animals, I Like Colors, or I Like Drawing. What makes this book app unique is that each single book is customizable. I will explain more in details. The app is free to download, with 6 books free. Today the developer set all books free via… Read more

CosmoCamp Coloring Book

Are you traveling during the spring break? I remember carrying some coloring books with us when we were traveling when my son was young. They helped to calm him down and stay active. The only problem of having coloring books when you are traveling is to keep track of the crayons, coloring pencils and markers. However, if you have a tablet or phone, that problem can be easily solved. Kids will enjoy all the coloring fun without the worry of… Read more

CosmoCamp Dress Up App

There is a Polar Bear and a Panda Bear named Migo and Pandy who both love to play dress up.  If your kids are in the 2-3 toddler range or in the 3-5 pre-school range, they’re going to love to play dress up with Migo and Pandy too. What is even better, you won’t see all your clothes spread all over the places. They are neatly organized on your iPad. In this sweet, slow moving app there are fewer bells and… Read more

Eye Paint App

Today I am sharing a series of apps from Eye Paint. They are unique coloring apps that open up otherwise impossible ways to bring paintings to life. I have reviewed apps for a while. The biggest benefit for me is the opportunity to explore new ideas. Whenever I found something that I have not seen before, I get excited. The Eye Paint apps are one of these apps that get me excited. We have had the apps for a long… Read more

Mini Monet App

Mini Monet is a fun art app for kids. I like the fine artistic taste of the app and its many different options for kids to explore different aspects of the art activities. When kids open the app, they will see a street scene set in Paris. They will see the Eiffel Tower in the back, and many young artists on the street. Tapping on any of the artists leads kids to an art activity. Kids can choose Color, Draw… Read more

Duckie Deck Family Photo

DuckieDeck Family Photo app is an app that lets kids explore their creative side while creating personalized portraits. Whether it’s creating a face that resembles their own family member, a friend, or someone that only lives in their imagination it is a great app that encourages creativity and lets a child show their expressive side. This app targets skills such as fine-motor development, hand-eye coordination, and expressive art. With the options to choose facial expressions this app can also aide… Read more

Explain Everything

We have been using Explain Everything as a digital storytelling tool for a while. I really like it for its flexible features that allowing us to use it for different projects. Explain Everything is designed to be a screencast, interactive whiteboard, and presentation tool for iPad and Android that allows users to record audio and video, annotate with drawings and shapes, and animate objects all at the same time. Projects can be played back and edited within the app or… Read more

Wubbzy Loves You

Valentine’s Day is a good time to teach kids about friendship and love. Today’s app is a perfect app on this subject. Wubbzy Loves You is an interactive story app about friendship and helping each other. It is currently free, for limited time. When Wubbzy and Daizy realize no one has received their lovey love friendship cards because Mr. Mailman is sick, they volunteer to deliver the cards to Wuzzleburg’s kookiest residents! Kids will follow Wubbzy and Daizy visiting their… Read more

Imagination Box – colors shapes numbers letters

I love apps that allow kids to play freely and spark imagination. It is even better if the app also provides tools for teaching. Imagination Box is an app just like that, and it is free for limited time. When kids start the app, they will see canvas of different colors. They can pick any canvas to start. If they have already used the app, instead of empty canvases, kids will see their latest creations shown on the canvases. Once… Read more