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Classical Kids – Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Classical Kids is a music app that tells stories about famous composers in an engaging and fun way.  There are 7 composers’ stories in the app, and one is free with the full story – Beethoven. Beethoven Lives Upstairs tells Beethoven’s story via the voice of Christoph, a young boy living in Vienna, at the time when Beethoven comes to stay in his family home.  It is told through back and forth letters to his uncle with Christoph complaining about Beethoven and his… Read more

Music Learning Lab

Do your kids play music? Or do you plan to have your child learn music or any instrument?  If the answer is yes, Music Learning Lab is a great app to get them started.  It teaches music theory in a fun way and all in bite-size lessons at kids’ level.  I wish we had it when my son started his piano. There are 4 sections in the app: Learn, Play, Create and Trophies. You want the kids start from Learn… Read more

Rok Out Concert

Sometimes, when I have an app to review and I want input from my kids, I have to gently nudge them to try it.  That was not the case for this app.  As soon as I had it downloaded, my son began making music videos. With Rok Out Concert, kids have four characters to begin their band.  Parents can buy four more but don’t worry, the app’s security measures for preschoolers ensure that your child will not purchase them without… Read more

Free App: Sago Mini Sound Box post image

Sago Mini Sound Box is a free app from the developers at Sago Sago. It is an interactive music app for iPhone and iPad that is a great sound game for infants, toddlers, and preschool age children. This app allows for young children to explore music through coordination, exploration, and fine motor development. Music is a great learning tool and helps to develop intellectual and emotional skills. In this music app, the home screen opens up to a basic cover… Read more


QDancer is a fun dance app for kids.  Kids can choreograph and create their own dance routines on their iPAD, and watch them play out on stage at showtime!  They can pick between Ballet and Hip-Hop, so it is something for both boys and girls Designing the dance routine is easy.  Kids can just pick the moves they like, drag and drop them in the order they want.  They can add or delete a move, or change the order of… Read more

Sound Touch – Flash Card With Sound post image

Sound Touch is a great learning tool for young children. It is a flash card app geared toward toddlers and preschoolers, but  the simplicity of this app is great for all ages. This app is a virtual version of flash cards, which helps children to learn name recognition as well as teaching them animal sounds and musical noises. The main screen has 12 clip-art images to select from, and once chosen the screen displays a full screen photo of a… Read more

ABC Music

ABC music is an app for kids to learn alphabet and music instruments, like their names and sounds.  It is a fun app even for parents.  It is now Free for limited time on App Store.  When open the app, kids will see arrays of pictures that are all instrument related, some with letters on it.  Tapping on any of the pictures will bring up the close-up photo of the instrument and the instrument name and the starting letter are… Read more


I spot this app on App Store yesterday.  It is a very interesting music app – no key boards, but random objects shaped like a square, a round button, a triangle.   To make music, you simply move different objects around, the interactions among the objects create different sound, thus a beautiful piece of music.  The movements of the objects follow some physics principles: if you throw an object towards a wall, it will bounce back.  If you swing an object… Read more

Learn Culture in the World via Music – Jazzy World Tour post image

If you are looking for an app to teach your children about culture and various parts of the world, this app is for you. The folks over at The Melody Book have recently released Jazzy World Tour – Musical Journey for Kids. They have developed several music themed learning apps, such as Jazzy 123, Jazzy ABC and A Jazzy Day.  This app focuses on teaching about music and instruments through the exploration of a world tour. The opening screen takes… Read more

Bingo Song HD

The Bingo song is a well known classic children’s song. The Bingo Song HD app brings this song to life for kids to interact with, sing along to, as well as fun animal flash cards that helps make learning farm animals fun. This app can help children recognize the names and sounds of animals, various colors and characteristics found in the game, and it lets the child express themselves with a sing-a-long karaoke option to the Bingo Song. This app also encourages clapping and stomping, which… Read more

ABCmouse 26 A-Z Music Videos

ABCmouse.com released another free app: 26 A-Z Music Videos.  It is a companion app for their newly released music album The Letter Songs A to Z.  In the album, there are 26 original letter songs helping children learn the names and sounds of the letters, and corresponding vocabulary.  Each letter song is produced and arranged in a different musical style to introduce children to a wide variety of musical genres, including folk, pop, R&B, big band, country, rock, tango, disco… Read more

Over in the Jungle

Over in the Jungle, a rainforest rhyme by Dawn Productions is a reading, counting and sing-along interactive app. There’s so much packed in here, that you certainly get quite a bit of content for your dollar with this app! I would say it works best with 3-5 year olds (however, there’s probably something of interest to a wider age range in terms of factual information contained in the app) and it gives kids the opportunity to have lots of variety… Read more

Cowbears I Love Mud

Cowbears are a family of bears who love to sing and tell stories.  Their ‘I Love Mud’ HD app produced by Bacciz Books and Brooklyn Rose Press is an interactive story telling and singing app that allows children to read along with the story. It’s a great app for helping children between the ages of 2-5 with their reading skills as well as offering opportunities to develop their hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills. It’s a fun app that tells… Read more

Jolly Jingle – Christmas Carols for Kids

Jolly Jingle is designed to teach kids Christmas songs.  For me, it is simply a way to carry the cheerful music with you no matter where you go.  It is FREE. When kids start the app, they are greeted by a colorful snow globe containing an assortment of cheerful Christmas icons, each representing a beloved Yuletide melody. Simply touch the snow globe to change the object inside then press the musical note at the base to bring a classic carol… Read more

Jazzy 123

Jazzy 123 is a fun app teaching kids numbers with music instruments.  From the developer of Jazzy Day and Jazzy ABC, Jazzy 123 has the same quality of a good educational app. Kids can learn counting 1 to 10 with music instruments.  For each number, there will be corresponding number of certain instruments shown on the screen.  When kids tap on the instruments, they will hear the sound of the instrument and a child’s voice counting the number of the… Read more