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Metronome+ App

If your kids study any type of music instrument, you probably have used metronome.  We had one, but it was broken.  Where shopping for a new one, I explored the App Store.  Metronome+ is the third metronome app we used at home, and this is a keeper. The reasons we like this one: The interface is very user friendly.  It is very easy to set the speed. The tempo is very stable. The sound is loud enough for the user to… Read more


Jazzy ABC is from the same developer of Jazzy Day.  Kids learn ABC with music instrument name.  It is free right now. Introduction at the App Store: Does your child know what a saxophone looks like or what a guitar sounds like? Offer your kids a brand new musical learning experience, as they learn the alphabet and expand their vocabulary! Special Features: ★ Interactive pages – tap the animals or instruments and listen. ★ Audio recordings of real acoustic instruments… Read more

This is another great app went FREE for limited time.  Wee Sing & Learn teaches toddler ABC in fun way.  If you have a toddler at home, go get it when it is still FREE.  It was free when I reviewed it.  but it is not always free. I love back-to-school season!  All the good educational apps went free.  It is exciting, but also tiring.  I have to tell myself stop looking, but it is hard not to … If… Read more


Everyone seems is watching the summer Olympics.  Here is a FREE app that can add some music fun to the sports.  Piano Summer Games by JoyTunes is a free iPad app that provides directions and feedback for playing the national anthems of forty countries on pianos.  Kids can play on a virtual keyboard on the iPad, or on a real piano – no wires or adapters needed, the app just listens to your piano. Kids can practice first.  When they feel they… Read more


Does your toddler or pre-schooler like music?  I remember my boy liked playing the toy xylophone when he was little.  He liked beating on different keys and making different sounds.  If you have a little one who likes those music toys, you should check out the app Music Sparkles.  This app provides kids with virtual instruments that they can play and create their own music. After you open the app, you can tap on one of the instruments to play.  There… Read more


Zoo Train is a learning app designed for preschoolers, teaching basic concepts of number sequence, word spelling, shapes, and music. It is from the developer who created the Bug Games, which was reviewed and recommended by iGameMom a while ago.  It is now $0.99 with 50% off at App Store. There are 5 games in the app.  All games are with bright pictures, cute animations, fun sounding effects and music. Picture Puzzles: Kids move pieces around to fit into the picture… Read more

A Jazzy Day

A Jazzy Day is an app recommended by one of iGameMom’s readers. It is a music book app that teaches kids about jazz music and instruments via a very simple story: visiting the Big Band Hall. At the family’s visit, several musicians talked about the musical instruments. There are 12 instruments introduced in the app: bass, drums, piano, guitar, vibraphone, trumpet, trombone, alto saxophone, Baritone saxophone, flute, and clarinet. From the App home screen, you can choose “Learn”, which will… Read more

Bug Games App for Preschooler

Bug Games is a collection of fun-filled learning games for pre-schoolers. There are four games in this app, each focuses on a different development area: Bee Word Builder – spelling and phonics Each time you will see 3 letters on top of three sun flowers. You have to drag the letters to the correct sun flower to make a word. Once you put the letters on the right flower, you will hear a phonic pronunciation of each letter and of… Read more

Today is Dr. Seuss’s birthday. This free app is a perfect gift to celebrate the beloved author’s birthday. When you start the app, you can choose the song you want to play, and the way you want to play. There are 10 songs, all are soundtracks of Dr. Seuss, such as Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham. Among the 10, 3 are free. The rest can be unlocked by earning points or in-app purchase. You can choose between… Read more

A couple of weeks ago, my son found out our metronome was not working. He was having trouble with one of the new music pieces. His teacher suggested practice with a metronome. A friend told me about a free iPhone App called Chatternome. I downloaded to my phone. However, when we used it, we realized it is hard to set the tempo. You select the tempo by sliding an oval-shaped dot along a line – moving up leads to slower… Read more