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IF app

Parenting tweens and teens is a different challenge than parenting younger kids. Kids this age are more independent, which is good, but sometimes makes it hard for them to accept whatever we are trying to teach them.  It is especially challenging when it comes to social and emotional skills. That is why I am very interested in learning the new app IF… – a game app aiming at tweens and teens on their SEL skills. SEL stands for Social and… Read more

Barefoot World Atlas

I have been always looking for a good world atlas app to help my son learn about the world, a map not just includes geography information, but also about world culture. I have heard so much about Barefoot World Atlas, and finally got a chance to check it out. I was really impressed and love how the app is made, so was my son. The app is based off the print book of the same title. The print book is… Read more

Disney Princess Palace Pets

The app begins at the Disney Princess Pet Salon where kids meet and pamper six pets from various past Disney Princesses. There are dogs and cats of course but we also have a horse and a bunny. They all have clever names with subtle nods to their respective princesses, my favorite being Cinderella’s dog Pumpkin. When kids pick the pet they want to pamper they click on them and get a short and sweet narrative highlighting when the pet and… Read more

Real Friends vs the Other Kind

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Having heard many stories about bullying, and nowadays, cyber bullying, and how much kids involved suffer from the experience, we, as parents and educators, should all work with our kids, help them gain skills in recognizing bully behavior, and be equipped with strategies on handling bully situation. Many times, it is hard to bring up a discussion about bully with kids, so today I want to share some resources that will make the talk about… Read more

Minti Kids Dress Up Luca

Do you kids like to play dress up? Now they can have the dress up fun without messing up the closet. Dress Up Luca is a simple game for toddlers. Kids will dress the little teddy bear Luca with different outfit and see how he responses.  It is an easy way to teach kids who is the stage of getting independency to learn about dressing themselves. For older kids, seeing the cute little bear in different outfit is just fun… Read more


Do your kids like to help in the kitchen? Do they like baking?  BakingFun is a very interesting app they will love to play.  Although it is called BakingFun, the app starts the baking process from the very beginning – planting the wheat seeds.  With a series of mini-games, it shows what it takes to have a loaf of bread on the dinner table: planting the seeds, watering the plants, harvesting the crop, milling the flour, making the dough, baking… Read more

Avokiddo Emotions

I am always excited when I find a good app teaching kids social skills. On iGameMom, we have reviewed quite a few apps helping kids on emotional wellbeing, such as I Learn with Poko and FeelElectric.  Today I want to share another wonderful app that helps kids explore emotions and feelings. Avokiddo Emotions is a fun educational app that allows young children to freely explore a wide range of emotions and facial expressions while interacting with three highly responsive animals. When kids… Read more

Little Critter Collection 2

If you are an avid user of the iPad for children’s books, then you are no stranger to Oceanhouse Media. They are the developers who bring many childhood classics into a digital format. If you are new to the onscreen versions of these childhood classics, we can tell you Oceanhouse Media does a terrific job to deliver consistent quality to your iPad. The books are clear and simple, they maintain the exact format of their paper counterparts. There are no… Read more

Kid ECook

Do your kids like to play in the kitchen? Do they like to play with the food? Having kids involved in cooking could be a good way teaching them about healthy food choices. Today we have two fun cooking apps for kids. Both are fun with recipes that kids can make themselves. The first is Kid ECook and is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and teaches children how to get to know their way around the kitchen. A free version… Read more

Just My Friend and Me – Little Critter

Today we are sharing another fun Little Critter App! Based on Mercer Mayer’s Just My Friend and Me, it is  a great way for kids to learn about summer play date etiquette. Little Critter is excited when his mom lets him invite his friend over for a play date. With a day full of activities, things don’t always go as planned. As they run and jump and climb, his buddy seems to do everything just a bit faster or higher. He is also, at… Read more

Greenstreet Unleash the Loot

Green$treets: Unleash The Loot! is an innovative game for children to learn money management and financial responsibility in a game setting. It is FREE.  In the game, kids are on a mission to save animals that are close to being extinct. For each endangered animal, kids must initially design a budget that is enough to sustain the animal’s lifestyle in natural habitat, such as animal’s food, shelter, and toys. They also need take care of the animal by feeding and playing with him. Once… Read more

Smart Fish Frequent Flyer

Are you planning to take airplane travel soon?  How do you help your kids to prepare for the travel?  How do you explain the security check at the airport? How about the waiting for luggage after landing?  Today I am going to share an app that will teach kids all about air travel: Smart Fish: Frequent Flyer.  The game starts by asking kids pick a place they want to go: Paris, Moscow, London, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, … There are… Read more

The Amazing Train

I found this app at our Google Plus Educational Apps for Kids community. If you are not a member yet, I highly recommend joining the community. I learned many apps from the community, and many app deals shared by the community members. All you need do is to open a Google account and join the community. You don’t even need a gmail account, you can use any email account to open a Google account. If you already have a Google account, simply click the… Read more

Bamba Pizza

Do your kids like pizza?  Do they like to make pizza?  We have a local pizza restaurant where kids can watch, through a big window, how pizzas were made.  Every time when we eat there, my son has to go watch and there are always many kids line up at the window waiting for their turns.  Now kids get the opportunity to make pizza themselves – on the iPAD.  Bamba Pizza is the app that letting kids be the chefs. … Read more

Learn Culture in the World via Music – Jazzy World Tour post image

If you are looking for an app to teach your children about culture and various parts of the world, this app is for you. The folks over at The Melody Book have recently released Jazzy World Tour – Musical Journey for Kids. They have developed several music themed learning apps, such as Jazzy 123, Jazzy ABC and A Jazzy Day.  This app focuses on teaching about music and instruments through the exploration of a world tour. The opening screen takes… Read more