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Bo Matching Game free Christmas app for kids

With holiday approaching, everyone is getting into the holiday spirit.  While you are busy getting everything ready for the holiday, here are 8 free Christmas apps for kids. Most apps are good for all ages to enjoy, hope they bring joys to your home in this busy holiday season. Jingle All the Way : a warm story about a lovely dog Jingle, who finally find a home for the holiday. It is made by Hallmark in conjunction with their interactive toy… Read More

CosmoCamp Coloring Book

Are you traveling during the spring break? I remember carrying some coloring books with us when we were traveling when my son was young. They helped to calm him down and stay active. The only problem of having coloring books when you are traveling is to keep track of the crayons, coloring pencils and markers. However, if you have a tablet or phone, that problem can be easily solved. Kids will enjoy all the coloring fun without the worry of… Read More

Geoboard free app

I came across several homemade Geoboard ideas recently, and they reminded me the wonderful free app Geoboard, which we used recently to play some math games about geometry. It is an app from The Math Learning Center, it is available for iPhone, iPad, Windows tablets, and an app on the internet too, which means you can use the app on your computer with internet access. The app is very simple to use. There are two boards: one with 25 pegs, one… Read More

Poetry from the Poetry Foundation

Do you like to read poems? Do you read poems with your kids? Poetry for kids has been my recent interest. The love of poetry is a cultured taste that needs be cultivated from a young age. I found the best way to engage a child in poetry is to find the subject that they are interested in, and share when they are in the mood for at the moment.  I find a free app from The Poetry Foundation can… Read More

Free App: Cool Math Game from PBS Kids – Cyberchase Shape Quest post image

Cyberchase Shape Quest is a cool math game app from PBS Kids, with a focus on geometry, spatial reasoning, and problem solving. It's based on the Emmy Award®-winning series, Cyberchase. When I tried to play my first game on this app, I was told to print out a game board.  At first I was a little perplexed but I simply moved on to the games that didn't require me to print anything because I wasn't at home.  Once I did… Read More

Nursery Rhymes for Kids

All kids love nursery rhymes. They are usually the first songs babies listened and learned, and they stay with the kids for the rest of their lives. Babies never get too many of nursery rhymes. Nursery Rhymes for Kids is an interactive nursery app for babies and toddlers. With the app, parents and babies can sing and dance with the songs, watch the fun videos, and interact with scenes on the screen. In addition to listening to nursery songs, I… Read More

Learn with Homer

Learn with Homer is a comprehensive reading program on iPad for kids age 2 to 7. It currently has over 100 lessons, and 30 are free. The app is designed by child education experts, incorporating many learning methods. It covers five pillars of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. All lessons are interactive. Kids will use all senses in the learning activities: hear, see, and touch. There are 5 sections in the app. Learn to Read This is… Read More

My Flake

My Flake is a very simple free app. While having fun designing their own snowflakes and see how the designs turn out, kids will learn about symmetry, especially hexagonal symmetry. Hexagonal symmetry is very different from the typical symmetry kids see everyday, and there is no better opportunity than learning hexagonal symmetry with snowflakes Before you start the app, you might want to go over some basics with the kids. First, if possible, help them observe some real snowflakes. Ask… Read More

Learn Math with Beluga

Do you like free math games for kids? Learn Math with Beluga is a math app on iPad for kids of all ages. It leverages math games to keep kids interested in math, and it is entirely free. We included it in iGameMom’s Best Free Math Apps List . When kids start the app, they will be asked to sign up an account with a password, but all they need is a user name and password. They don’t need an… Read More

Leo’s Pad Preschool Kids Learning Series

Leo’s Pad just launched its 5th appisode, and now all appisodes are free.  We have reviewed Leo’s Pad previous appisodes. It is a preschool learning app series designed by Stanford University researchers and Emmy award-winning animators. We liked how the learning activities are seamlessly woven in the storylines in all Leo’s Pad appisodes. Appisode 5 is again filled with fun and engaging learning activities. The title for appisode five is The Wishing Fish.  Leo and friends are joined by Fusch… Read More

Clumsy Ninja

Clumsy Ninja is a free app that is very different from typical Ninja games.  Kids are into a mission of training a Ninja – from capable of doing no Ninja moves.  The app is free to download, with In-App Purchase options if you want to move up fast. But we have managed playing it without any In-App Purchase, and I think it is more fun to play it this way, since it gives a little more challenge. Here are some… Read More

Lazoo Zoo

Today I have three wonderful free creative apps for kids to share. They are among the best free apps I have seen - very creative and all can be played by young kids without instruction and help. They are great for road trips and family gatherings. Kids can play by themselves, or play together as a group. All three apps are from Lazoo. Lazoo Zoo: Kids feed the animals with different food and watch the animals’ reactions: the ape will throw… Read More

goREACT Free App

I am very excited to find a great free app goREACT. It is designed by the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. It lets kids explore the chemical reactions of different elements on mobile devices – safe and fun! It is not only a good learning app for middle and high school students, with the visual and interactive features, it is also a fun exploratory app for younger kids, even kids in kindergarten or preschool, as long as parents are… Read More


Recently I had a discussion with a friend about games and education. I believe games are not all bad. There are many good games out there. As long as being used wisely, games can help kids learn in many areas. I have discussed this topic in several articles on iGameMom, two of them are How to Teach Physics with Angry Bird and Tiny Tower: What Can You Teach Your Child. Today I share more game apps that are educational and you will be happy kids are playing. LEGO App4+ :  kids design… Read More

Easter Puzzle Game

Easter is right around the corner. Here is a Free Easter Puzzle Game for Kids. From App Store: This application has been specifically designed to meet the needs of children aged between 2 and 7. Begin your fun with simple six-piece jigsaw puzzles and finish with complex sixteen-piece ones. You can set the game parameters to fit the present development stage of your child. Besides choosing how many pieces the illustration will be cut into, there is an option giving you… Read More