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Night Zookeeper Story Pairs

This app is a memory game with a cute twist the whole family can get in on.  The game can be played with up to four players who get to test their memory skills with a matching game of pairs.  Seems simple enough, but the twist lies in which pairs you get.  Ahhhh.  Each set has a specific character who holds a special power, maybe a plot twist, a bizarre characteristic or a setting.  Whoever wins has to make up… Read More

ABA Flash Card & Games – Emotions post image

This is an app that helps babies and toddlers understand people all have different feelings and emotions.  By showing various pictures of people (mostly kids) with different emotions, it teaches kids to recognize different emotions. It has a play mode – the flash cards will be randomly shown and read to the kids.  You can also choose the game mode – the kids can play some matching games.  As parents, you can decide which card to be shown.  You can also… Read More


Cut the Rope: Experiments just released an update today and is FREE for a limited time. It is a perfect addition to iGameMom’s summer app recommendation. Cut the Rope: Experiments is a follow-up to the popular game Cut the Rope.  If you want to know what the original game is about, please go to iGameMom’s earlier review.  The new game features the familiar little monster Om Nom who loves candy, and a scientist who is determined to study Om Nom’s… Read More


iGameMom has TWO giveaways this time: TeachMe Kindergarten and TeachMe Grade1. These are great apps for the summer to keep your kids up to the academics and ready for school in the fall, yet still have fun. Read iGameMom’s review of the app here. 1. If you are not following this blog AT THIS NEW SITE, “Sign Up” at the top of the left panel to follow the blog. Make sure to click the confirmation link in the confirmation email after… Read More

Today is Dr. Seuss’s birthday. This free app is a perfect gift to celebrate the beloved author’s birthday. When you start the app, you can choose the song you want to play, and the way you want to play. There are 10 songs, all are soundtracks of Dr. Seuss, such as Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham. Among the 10, 3 are free. The rest can be unlocked by earning points or in-app purchase. You can choose between… Read More

I created a math problem for my son when we played Tiny Tower together.   Hope you can use it for your child as well. The problem: It takes 25 seconds for the elevator to move from first floor to the 5th floor.  How long will it take it to move from first floor to the 9th floor? The correct answer is – 50 seconds.   Did you get it right?  Make sure you get it right before asking your child.  If… Read More

I have a 9-year-old boy.  Since he got the iPad (more accurately, since I got the iPad), it became one of his favorite toys.  He found so many games in the App Store.   A lot of them are free!  Recently I played with him on couple of his games.  They are actually fun, and educational.  I realized this is such a good tool for the kids to learn.  I did some search online on iPAD games for kids.  There are not many sources of info… Read More