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Free Interactive Math and Science Lessons

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Study Jam by Scholastic is a free teaching resource for teachers, homeschool families and students. It covers math and science contents for grade 3 to 6. The best part is the multimedia interactive feature. It is a great place to visit to review what kids have learned, or when kids stuck at a concept and need more help.
free math science interactive lessons for kids in grade 3 to 6, search by grade, subject, topic. Wonderful supplement to classroom teaching, homeschool or after school at home
Currently there are more than 200 science and math topics. You can search for topics by grade level, or by key words. You can also open up the screen listing all topics and browse through the topics one by one.

Under Math, you will find topics like Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Fractions, Probability, Geometry, Algebra, Data Analysis, …

The Science topics include Animals, Ecosystems, Matter, Solar System, Weather and Climate, …

Each topic has sub-topics to make it easier to choose the exact content to study. For example, under Addition and Subtraction, you will find sub-topics like: Estimate Sums and Differences of Whole Number, Related Addition and Subtraction Addition with Regrouping, …

I went through several topics. Each has a step-by-step explanation of the concept, followed by watch out and practice. When kids go through the steps, they are not allowed to skip steps. They have to finish each hands-on practice for each step to move on. The watch out is usually a little extra built upon the concept. The practice is actually quite fun, and is interactive as well.

I like how the program explain the concepts, and how it forces kids to do the practice after each step. Combined with the interactive feature, I feel it is quite easy for kids to follow and understand, and more importantly, be able to remember what they learned.

Most topics are covered by videos. After kids watch the video, you can print out the transcript to read later.

If you have a child in grade 3 to 6 and like to learn math and science in a slightly different way, try Study Jam by Scholastic.

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