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How to Help Kids Be Ready for Back to School

Back to School Tips

When will your child start school again? I know we are still enjoying the summer, but time flies, before you know it, it is time to think about going back to school. From my own experience, it is a lot easier when we start planning back-to-school early. What do you do when you start preparing back to school? Here are couple things we do:
How to help kids be ready for back to school? Great tips and resources from busy parents from experienced moms.
First, gradually go back to school schedule
. If kids like to sleep in and stay up late, it is time to gradually go back to school schedule. We usually move the sleeping schedule 15 minutes every couple days, by the time school starts, we are already in the right schedule.

Second, get school supplies ready. Figure out where you can get best deal and when, and make sure to have everything before school starts.

Third, help kids go back to study mood. Kids have been in play mood during the summer. Going back to school they need switch into the study mood again. This is not as easy as you think. If they have not been studying much during the summer, this is the time to have a set time every day to do some real study, even it is just 15 minutes a day.

Last, help ease anxiety. If you sense a child may have separation anxious, you can prepare them by sharing stories of going to school and help them understand as much as possible what they can expect at school and how wonderful school can be.

Today we are sharing resources mostly focus on Third and Fourth points above – helping kids get into study mood and helping kids like school.

Ideas and resources helping kids get into study mood and be ready for going back to school

Cool Math Games to fresh up math they learned last year

Math games for younger kids

Learn math while playing water

Read books and learn

20 fun spelling activities

Learn letters by making crafts, and there is a craft for each letter

For younger kids, find ways in daily life to encourage learning

Ideas and resources helping kids like school and be eager to go to school

Read books about first day of school

Here is another set of books about first day of school

For kids just start preschool or kindergarten, this is a set of books about starting school.

What do you do to help kids get ready to go back to school?

Looking for Back to School App Ideas? Check out Straight-A Back to School Apps.
back to school apps for straight A kids
tips for kids stay organized

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  • Sue Lively

    Thanks for adding our How to Encourage a Love of Learning post in your roundup. You’ve got some great tips here and a super collection of ideas!

  • shelah@mosswoodconnections.com

    Thanks for hosting Mom’s Library. It has become one of my favorite places to find information and new activities.

    • So glad to hear. Thanks for visiting and hope you find more ideas for your kids.

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