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9 Winter Math Activities for Kids

9 Winter Math Activities for Kids post image

Our posts about winter science experiments for kids are getting very popular. If you have not yet, make sure visit those posts. We just did some Pine Cone science the other day. It was fun. Today we have winter math activities for kids.

Easy Winter Math Activities for Kids

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During winter, kids have a lot time staying inside, which is perfect for some fun learning activities. Here are some fun winter math activities for kids from preschool to elementary school, even early middle school.

1. Hot chocolate math is a great one for kids just start simple addition.

2. Snow ball counting is not just for math, is for fine motor skill too.

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3. Play frozen math game. This is another one for little ones, who are learning numbers. It can be easily adjusted to simple addition and subtraction.

4. Play acorn math with kids. If it is not too cold and you can go out for a walk, you can go out and find some acorns. You can replace acorn with anything you can find. If you are doing the Pine Cone science experiments, then use pine cones for math too. There are several activities you can do, and I really like the Venn diagram idea.

5. Make Koch Snowflake. Older kids will be fascinated with this. The Koch Snowflake is essentially a fractal, an example of an iterative drawing as each successive stage is based on the previous stage. It begins with an equilateral triangle. The next step is to replace the middle third of each line with two line segments of the same length. You will understand it right away with the visual help on the linked website. You can watch a drawing process here.

6. Make snow flakes and learn symmetry with this free app.

7. Make a snowman glyph. Glyph is a pictorial form of data collection. A common example is the dentists’ records of patients’ cavities on pictures of teeth. For this activity, you need draw a snowman first, and then develop symbols for kids to use. Here is a good example of glyph recording.

8. Make discrete math investigation with Winter Path game. Write “winter” on a sheet of paper, following the pattern provided on the linked page, with one W on the first row, 2 I on the 2nd row, 3 N on the 3rd row, and so on. Ask kids to find out how many path ways are there in total to spell “winter”. Since “winter” has 6 letters, it might be hard for some younger kids, you can try “Snow” instead, and the template is here.

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9. Make a snow ball fight with math challenges. This can be adapted to kids of all ages. For young children, you can just write numbers on papers, for older kids, you can write more complex math problems, addition, multiplication, or even multi-step calculations. After you write them on papers, you crumple them up to look like snowballs. Have kids toss the snowballs at each other or at a target, then go pick the snowballs up. They have to solve the math problems before they can pick up another ball. The one who has the most snowballs at the end win the game.

10. Learn Angles with Snow Flake: have you paid attention to snow flakes? Did you notice the angles between the branches? Here are some fun activities to help you find different angles in snowflakes.

9 Cool Winter Math Activities for Kids PreK to grade 12 - math activities using snowball, snowman, snowflake, frozen, acorn, hot chocolate ...

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  • TechyKids Canada

    Activities like these are perfect for making math fun for kids. It can help them to cement math concepts and fundamentals. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

  • Science Kiddo

    Such great ideas! I know my five-year-old would love to have a math snowball fight! Thanks for linking up for STEM Saturday!

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