Geography Apps for Kids

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Tiny Countries

Geography is hard for many kids, as it takes a lot memorizing work, which is boring. We have Top 10 Geography Apps for Kids to help them learn. Today we have another fun game app that will motivate kids to learn and memorize those geography facts. It is called Tiny Countries. Dr. Emil and his […]

State Bingo and Crossword

Summer is a time many families will travel. This is a perfect time for kids to learn and practice their geography knowledge. Those boring city names will come to life for kids after they have actually experienced the various different locations. We shared some tips on how to turn travel time into learning experience a while […]

State Bingo and Geography Crosswords

Is Geography a hard subject for your child? It was for me. That is why I am always excited when I find a good fun app helping kids learn the geographic facts. State Bingo and Geography Crossword is a fun geography game app about US geographic facts. Kids play bingo and crossword games with US […]

GeoBee Challenge App from National Geographic

Are you kids doing GeoBee? My child’s school just finished their GeoBee challenge for this year. It is a fun way for kids to learn geography. GeoBee Challenge App is a great tool to help kids prepare for the challenge. If your child has not done GeoBee, it is like the Spelling Bee, but it […]

Barefoot World Atlas

I have been always looking for a good world atlas app to help my son learn about the world, a map not just includes geography information, but also about world culture. I have heard so much about Barefoot World Atlas, and finally got a chance to check it out. I was really impressed and love […]

Earth 101 for iPAD

Earth 101 for iPAD is a beautiful 3D model of the entire earth, with tons of geographic features and landmark information. Upon opening the app, kids will see the globe. Spinning the globe, kids can visit different areas on the earth. Tapping on any place brings up information of the area or the feature, such […]

There is a Map on My Lap - DrSeuss Cat in the Hat

When I received There’s a Map on My Lap to review, I was excited. My 6 year old enjoys Dr. Seuss, and we read many of the stories from Cat in the Hat Learning Library when she was younger. In fact, There’s a Map on My Lap was one of our favorites in the series, and […]

Post image for Learn Culture in the World via Music – Jazzy World Tour

If you are looking for an app to teach your children about culture and various parts of the world, this app is for you. The folks over at The Melody Book have recently released Jazzy World Tour – Musical Journey for Kids. They have developed several music themed learning apps, such as Jazzy 123, Jazzy […]

State Bingo and Road Trip US

Travel time is the perfect opportunity to teach kids geography.  While many families are preparing holiday travel, I found this fun geography app that will add some fun to your trip and make those long wait at the airport or riding in the car a lot easier to manage.  Plus, kids will gain a lot […]

Paris 3D Saga

Paris 3D Saga is an educational and entertaining app.  It is FREE for limited time as part of the release of Paris 3D Saga project!  Through interactive 3D models, it takes the users through the history of Paris beginning 20 centuries ago.  If you like history or virtual reality, this is a must have app […]


In these extremely hot summer days, it makes me feel cool when I saw an app title “Ice is Nice”.   This is a new app in the Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library series.  It is a nonfiction series that introduces basic science concepts of real life objects to young children.  Ice is Nice is […]

Post image for FREE App: – The Grand Canyon’s Search and Explore: The Grand Canyon is the first title of the’s Search and Explore series. is a fee-based pre-school/kindergarten website with learning games and books.  The Search and Explore Series teaches young children about geography, national landmarks, and points of interest around the world through engaging stories featuring computer mice named […]


Summer is a good time to visit some parks.  I found an amazing app about US National Parks – Fotopedia National Parks.  In the app, there are over 3000 stunning photos of the 58 National Parks in the USA accompanied with park information.  What is more amazing, it is FREE.  The only catch: It requires […]

Post image for Stack the Countries – Fun Geography App

Stack the Countries is the extension to Stack the States app.  To learn about Stack the States, please go to iGameMom’s earlier review. The basic game play of Stack the Countries is similar to Stack the States.  Instead of facts about US states, Stack the Countries asks geography questions about countries around the world: capital […]

Post image for Kids Maps – An Interactive Map Puzzle

Since an earlier post recommended a geography app for kids 6 or older, I felt I should find one for younger kids too. I found Kids Maps. This is a map puzzle game. I can easily see a toddle play this game. How to play: When you start, you see an empty US map. Pieces […]

Stack the States

Pretty soon, kids will start spring break. Some families will travel. I did some search on apps teach geography. I found Stack the States. With this app, kids will learn about capitals, state shapes, and map locations with animated states that stack, drop, tumble, and slide around like puzzle pieces. In the game, the player […]