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Flower Activities for Preschool to School Age Kids

Flower Activities for Preschool to School Age Kids post image

While it is getting warmer, especially when it is time to work in the garden and when it is closer to Mother’s Day, we start looking for flower activities for kids. It is great to involve kids in your gardening. But make sure build in some fun learning activities before you start digging in your yard. Over the time we have put together many fun flower activities for kids from preschool to school age. Here we try to put them all in one place. You will find flower crafts, flower science, flower math, and more.

Learning activities with flowers for preschool to school age kids

Flower themed STEM activities for kids: art and craft projects, science experiments, math activities, YouTube videos about flowers. Great learning activity ideas for kids from preschool to school age
All kids will love these simple flower crafts. They will look pretty, yet very easy to make. They will be perfect Mother’s gifts, or birthday gifts, made by kids.

Have you tried flower themed math for preschool and kindergarten kids? We have 16 fun ideas. Many activities will end up with a fun flower craft too. Again they will be great gift ideas for Mother’s Day or gifts for any occasions.

Of course you have to try these 9 flower science experiments with your child. Kids will learn about flower parts, color science, and what flowers need to grow. Sounds like a lot, but they are all simple enough for you to do in your kitchen or your backyard.

For young children, they will love these YouTube videos explaining the life cycle of a flower. Some of the videos are completely made of crafts. They are so neat, you have to watch. It is also good for kids to learn a little more about the science of a flower’s life.

Looking for more nature themed activities for kids? Check out 10 Plant Science Experiments for kids and 7 Wind Science Experiments for Kids to Learn Wind Power.
Plant Science Experiments Fun for Kids
simple wind science experiments for kids

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  • Shelah

    What fabulous fun flower activities. I want to do them all!

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