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11 Money Games for Kids Teaching Finance Skills

11 Money Games for Kids Teaching Finance Skills post image

Learning about money and money management is essential for a happy life. It starts from learning to count the money to manage the money you have, such as saving and investment. There are a lot to learn about money to live a comfortable life, and it all starts at a young age. Today we share some good money games for kids that will help them learn about money at different stage of their life.

Money Games for Kids

Raise money smart kids with fun games teaching basic finance skills: count and calculate money value, know how much to spend, save and invest. For preschool kindergarten school age kids.
Counting Money Bingo is designed for kids age 6 to 8 to learn US currency and to count, add and subtract with it. The games making it fun for the kids. If you don’t want to use the app, your kids can play the games on computer on the game website.

SplashMath is a series math apps aligned with common core. There is an app for each grade from K to 5. In each grade app, there is money unit that is designed for that grade level. It is a good way to keep the money skills aligned with kids age. It is also available on Splash Math website, which offers daily free math practices.

Money Games is part of the math game website. Here kids can play several money games to sharp their money counting skills.

Keep the Change Kids is a good app to start to learn about US coins value and simple math. Kids will receive short interactive lessons and play fun puzzle games to reinforce their learning.

Money Up: from identifying notes and coins, to calculating if they have enough money to pay for items. It is a practical app teaching kids about money. Users can choose one of the 6 currencies to play the games: Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, U.S. dollar, British Pound, Euro, or New Zealand dollar.

Money Math sends kids to missions to help General George retrieve all of the coins. They do that by counting coins and answering a variety of problems involving money.

Gozoa goes shopping helps young children to understand money’s worth and that it has to be earned before you can spend it.

Green$treet teaches kids age 5 to 8 how to manage money via role play games. It is a free game for kids.

Tiny Tower is also a free app where kids can build their business in a tower. In addition to money management, kids have to learn other aspects to build and grow business.

Monopoly apps bring the well known board game onto iPad and other tablets, so you can play the game no matter where you are. You can also pick up the game from where you stopped last time anytime without worrying missing game pieces.

Capital City is similar to Monopoly, but goes deeper into money management, providing a more realistic views of money management in real life.

How do you teach kids money and money management skills?

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