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I just realized iGameMom is one year old in May.  Thinking back, one year ago, I had little knowledge about blogging or websites, all I knew was many parents’ frustration when trying to find good educational apps for kids, and I believed I could help. Today, with over 10K followers, 40K pageviews a month, I know iGameMom is meeting parents and educators needs.  I want to thank you all, my readers, for your support!  Without you, iGameMom won’t be here… Read More

Common Core Standards App

We have introduced several common core standard aligned apps, such as SplashMath, iTooch Elementary and Middle School, Math on Video.  The other day, I saw the FREE Common Core Standards app on App Store.  I found it very handy for teachers and parents to have. In the app, you will see three sections under Standards: Math – Traditional, Math – Integrated, and Language Arts.   According to, Math – Traditional is typical for schools in the US, while Integrated Math… Read More

iGameMom Logo

In less than a year, iGameMom has grown to the point that one person can’t keep up the work.  I am looking for guest reviewers!  If you are interested in receiving free apps and writing short reviews about it, please contact iGameMom at “contact at igamemom dot com”.  The reviewer must be dependable and be able to deliver the review article on the agreed upon date.  The review article can only be published on, not anywhere else, although  it is ok to link… Read More


My son used Brain Quest a lot when he was younger. We both liked it. For some reason those Brain Quest questions are just fun to answer. It is compact and small for easy carrying around. Depends on the time you have, you can answer 20 questions, or you can answer one question.  The questions are all academic, but cover a broad range of subjects, math, science, history, language, etc.  When I found out Brain Quest app, I downloaded it right away. It is… Read More


Before you get into the sales information, make sure check the Giveaway that’s ongoing right now.  The current Giveaway at iGameMom is the very cool app Ice is Nice from Cat in the Hat Learning Library.  It ends this Saturday.  If you are interested, please go here to put in your entries before it ends. Now the summer sale - if you like the Five Little Monkey stories, but have not purchased the apps, now it is a good opportunity.  All 6… Read More


Faces iMake is a creative art app and more.  It lets kids create arts with objects they see every day, such as brush, banana, plates, and buttons.  Kids can re-size, rotate, flip the objects they choose, and then put the pieces together to make a masterpiece.  There is no limit to the imagination. The app was developed with renowned artist, children’s book author and educator Hanoch Piven and is based on the creative workshops he conducted all around the world.  According to Piven, the… Read More

Berenstain Bears App

Jan Berenstain passed away two days ago.  My son loved Berenstain books when he was young.  After reading the news, I can’t help looking up the Berenstain book apps.  I am glad to see 18 Berenstain book apps in the App Store, all made by Oceanhouse Media.  I tried a couple and was quite impressed.  I wish we had these book apps when my son was young, so we could carry many books on a light-weighted iPAD, and he could read in the car even when… Read More

I came across HowePrincipal's blog about book apps. As a school principal, his evaluation is professional. I learned from his blog: 1. Book Apps is different from Apps based on books. 2. When kids are learning to read, we don't want the animations to distract the young readers from the text. Instead, we want to have an app that help them focus on the text and better yet, remember the text. The link to his article is here… Read More

Couple days ago, I came across an article saying kids should not play games on iPad, because iPad is two-dimension, while the real world is 3-dimension. iPad games flatten the real world into a plane. I sort of agree with the author. Yet, I remembered a book I read a couple of years ago (I believe it is "I live in the future", by Nick Bilton). In that book, he cited a finding by a study that among the surgeons… Read More