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Best Learning Tools for Kids – Creative Writing post image

Teaching kids creative writing is a complex process. It involves many elements, such as idea generation, plot structure, vocabulary, character development, review and revision, ... and many more. We are trying to put some learning tools we discovered over time that are helpful in our writing learning journey. Hope this is helpful to you as well. I'd also like to hear from you what tools do you use while teaching kids writing. This is part of our Best Learning Tools for… Read More

Little Writer

Are you kids learning letters and numbers? Are they learning how to write the letters and numbers? If you answer yes, you will like today’s app Little Writer. It is a free app letting kids trace letters and numbers, and practice handwriting. There are also simple words and shapes in the app. The neat feature is adding your own pictures and words. When kids open the app, they can choose which they want to practice: upper case letter, lower case… Read More

Gappy’s Mystery Letters

Gappys Mystery Letters is an educational alphabet app by Spinlight Studio. This app is fun and encourages letter recognition, it also helps your child with hand eye-coordination, writing skills, and matching. All these skills are fundamental keys in a child'd development. Educational games on the iPad are great tools in helping our children in this day and age. It's how they learn and explore. This is a great choice to sneak in some learning while your child has fun playing on… Read More

Don’t let the pigeon run this app

Based on the hilarious book Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! and the series that developed after that, Disney has created the app entitled Don't Let the Pigeon Run This App! The book by Mo Willems has been given recognition on the New York's best seller list as well as landing a spot on the National Education Association's "Teacher's Top 100 Books for Children" list; so it's no surprise this is a great app. This app allows your child… Read More

123 Tracing

Today I am reviewing a handwriting and math activity app called 123 Tracing by Kids Academy Company. Learning numbers is a fundamental concept to basic math, this app helps children learn their numbers through the use of tracing and handwriting. It is a very basic app consisting of the numbers one through ten, allowing your child to trace the numbers. It encourages repetition which increases mastery. They have added in a game of catching fireflies throughout the app. The more… Read More

Kidori Stylus Free

Do you use apps for kids handwriting or other fine motor skill practice? I don't know if you ever noticed, I have not reviewed any hand writing apps. There are quite a few out there, but I felt tracing with one finger on the screen is completely different from holding a pen writing on paper. I don't see tracing with finger require many finger muscles at all. Call me old fashioned, I still want my child to be able to write well with a pen… Read More

Buildo Museum Sticker Book

The Buildo Museum is an interactive sticker book. It  allows your child the opportunity to create their own scenes inside a spooky museum. They have three options to choose from: 1. The gallery floor where they can hang paintings (or perhaps stage a heist!). 2. The dusty museum attic full of cobwebs and discarded artifacts. 3. The creepy museum basement where maybe monsters are created Each of these places is the potential backdrop for the scenes your child can create with digital… Read More

Book Creator

I recently came across an app called Book Creator for iPAD. Just like the app title suggested, it is an app kids can use to create digital books. I reviewed some other apps with similar functions, like StoryKit. Comparing to StoryKit, both apps have the basic functions like adding pictures and text, recording voices and sound effects. Book Creator is more versatile than StoryKit. Some neat functions I liked: 1. Kids can resize the picture and rotate the picture into… Read More

Story Wheel

Storytelling is a great skill to have.  Not only it fosters imagination, it also trains kids logic thinking, helps kids improve self-expression skills, thus better social interaction.  I have reviewed several story telling apps, such as Toontastic and Toontastic Jr, Educreation, Scribble my story.  Today I am going to share another one we’ve been using recently – Story Wheel.  Story Wheel is like a writing prompt for young kids who are not writing yet.  When kids open the app, they… Read More

ArtMail App

Traveling with kids can be one of two things…an absolute joy, or a terrifyingly stressful ordeal. The best thing a parent can do to prevent the latter is to BE PREPARED. Enter my secret weapon---the iPad. On long bus, train or plane rides, we do as many non-digital activities as possible. But the inevitable point always comes when the iPad is the best solution. My arsenal of Apps always have a real world component, that means whatever activity we do… Read More

Collins Big Cat It Was Cold Dark Night Story Creator for iPad

Today's review is by Iona Burchell, who is a wife and mum of two.  In her spare time she is a freelance writer, and has written for online and print media in a range of subjects varying from education to sport to travel.  You can find her blog at www.redpeffer.me or feel free to tweet @Redpeffer.  Today Iona will share two book apps that are FREE right now.  Let's find out what they are. Around the World and Dark Night are both picture book… Read More

Toontastic Jr Pirates

If you followed me for a while, you probably know Toontastic - the creative app that teaches kids about story telling by letting them make their own movies.  It teaches the concept of “story arch”, the 5 steps of storytelling.  It is a great app.  Young kids can create stories using the app, but they may not be able to fully grasp the “5 steps of storytelling”.  To solve this issue, LaunchPad Toy developed a separate app for younger kids called… Read More


Educreations is originally designed for teachers. It turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. Users can create an animated story, or a tutorial video, with pictures, adding notations on the pictures, recording voices, and, of course, writing on the board. You can use it teaching almost anything. Once you finish recording, you can share it with people of your choice through email, Facebook or Twitter. As a FREE app, it is a great teaching tool for teachers and home-school families… Read More

StoryKit Free App

Recently I found another FREE app that is good for kids keeping journals, make their own books.  It is called StoryKit.  I think this one would also be a good app to keep travel journels. What to do with this app: You can record your journey, or create a story. You can create the story in 4 ways: Pictures: either take a photo of your own (using iPhone would make it so easy to load the picture into the app)… Read More