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Matching Games by CosmoCamp

Matching Games by CosmoCamp is a simple yet entirely engrossing game for kids that teaches memory skills along with learning colors, shapes, numbers, and letters.  It comes with two different modes, toddler and preschool, to grow with your child, chosen each time you open the app or easily changeable in the parents only area of the app. The matching app has three games:  Classic, Hide and Seek, and Pyramid.  In Classic, kids can choose to have from 8-18 cards from which they… Read More


iStopMotion for iPAD, as the app name suggested, lets you create stop motion animation on iPad with pictures. The app features make it easy to use and possible for everyone to fulfill their movie making dream. It is usually $5-10, and it is free for one day only. There are many features I liked about this app. I also have some ideas on how to use it with kids at the iGameMom Comment section of this post. 1. Although the app… Read More

Gappy’s Mystery Letters

Gappys Mystery Letters is an educational alphabet app by Spinlight Studio. This app is fun and encourages letter recognition, it also helps your child with hand eye-coordination, writing skills, and matching. All these skills are fundamental keys in a child'd development. Educational games on the iPad are great tools in helping our children in this day and age. It's how they learn and explore. This is a great choice to sneak in some learning while your child has fun playing on… Read More

Storybook Maker

Storybook Maker is a book creating app for kids.  I have reviewed several book creator apps, and this one is another great addition to the book creator library. I like this one for its versatility and intuitive kids’ friendly interface. Once kids start a new book, they can choose a template for each new page. There are several templates to choose from, with different picture and text layouts.  They can also choose to work on a blank page and design… Read More

Agent magic investigates punky dunk and the goldfish

Let's just say I am a sucker for mice (its a family thing).  That however, is not the only reason I enjoyed Special Agent Magic.  He's got a thing for cheese fondue and rescuing goldfish from young black and white cats. When kids first enter the app, they are prompted to make a secret agent ID card.  Kids don't have to make an ID card to learn about the case but it sure does help them feel like a secret… Read More

Robots for iPAD

Robots for iPAD is a very cool app about Robots. It is developed by IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers). It has pictures and videos of 126 robots from 19 countries, with tons of information about each one.  I suggest all kids take a look at it, even you are just remotely interested in robots – it will open your minds up, learn the potential of technology and its impact in our everyday life.  It is currently FREE, and… Read More

Tipping Point Adventure Game

I love Dan Russell-Pinson’s apps.  I am sure you will if you know some of his apps: Stack the States, Stack the Countries, Monster Physics.  Tipping point is one of his more recent release, and it is a fun one too. The app instantly became my son’s most favorite game once we downloaded it and what I really like is it became a family game too – we would sit together figuring out the puzzles and solutions together. When you… Read More

Phonics Munch

AHhhhh! This is my kind of App. I love a good leveling educational app with a printable worksheet component that meets Common Core Standards. Nothing in life makes me happier. The Phonics Munch App gets your little one on the path to early reading with a cute story about Chomper the Bear who eats letters, consonant and vowel sounds and rhyming words...and he is just SO cute. The program reinforces what it teaches by using several different methods to create… Read More

Avokiddo Emotions

I am always excited when I find a good app teaching kids social skills. On iGameMom, we have reviewed quite a few apps helping kids on emotional wellbeing, such as I Learn with Poko and FeelElectric.  Today I want to share another wonderful app that helps kids explore emotions and feelings. Avokiddo Emotions is a fun educational app that allows young children to freely explore a wide range of emotions and facial expressions while interacting with three highly responsive animals. When kids… Read More

Learn Sight Word with Smiley Sight Words App post image

Sight words are very important in reading ability development.  According to Patricia Cunningham in Phonics They Use, “In order to read and write fluently with comprehension and meaning, children must be able to automatically read and spell the most frequent words. As the store of words they can automatically read and spell increases, so will their speed and comprehension.” We want our children be able to “read to learn”, but they have to pass the “learn to read” stage first… Read More

iLuv Drawing Dinosaurs

Is your child a dinosaur fan?  If he/she is, you’ve got to get this one – iLuv Draw Dinosaurs is FREE for limited time.  The app will show the kids how to how to draw dinosaurs such as T Rex, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor and more.  Like other iLuv Drawing apps, such as iLuv Drawing Animals and iLuv Drawing Monsters, it gives step by step guides for each dinosaur picture with both visual and voice instructions.  After drawing, kids can decide how… Read More

Off Screen with App: 8 Apps for Kids Screen Free Activities post image

When people think about apps, they usually think they are for screen activities. In fact, many apps are used for screen free activities. Today we share some fun apps designed for kids to have screen free activities. All are educational activities too. These are great tools to break kids from screen and have them start moving. These can be used for the yearly Screen Free week, as well as any week of the year! Fetch Lunch Rush:  Kids take lunch… Read More

Watch Disney App

Do you know you can watch Disney TV shows on the go for FREE?  No subscriptions needed.  With the free apps, Watch Disney, Watch Disney XD, Watch Disney Junior, you can watch the Disney shows on your iPAD, iPhone, or iPod, or any Kindle devices.  You can also watch them on your computers.  All you have to do is to download the apps and start watching the shows.  There are some limitations: It is only available in the US and… Read More

The Trip Little Critter Reading Adventure

What fun Apps!   The Trip Little Critter Reading Adventure is based on Mercer Mayer’s classic book of the same title and features his incredible original artwork.  It is a story book app with two options. One is to go on a Reading Adventure, two is to just read the story yourself, which is a great option for this app as the Reading Adventure can take a long time. On this adventure the whole Critter Family needs to get to Lake Wakatookee for… Read More

Story Wheel

Storytelling is a great skill to have.  Not only it fosters imagination, it also trains kids logic thinking, helps kids improve self-expression skills, thus better social interaction.  I have reviewed several story telling apps, such as Toontastic and Toontastic Jr, Educreation, Scribble my story.  Today I am going to share another one we’ve been using recently – Story Wheel.  Story Wheel is like a writing prompt for young kids who are not writing yet.  When kids open the app, they… Read More