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6 Fun Snow Science Experiments for Kids

6 Fun Snow Science Experiments for Kids post image

Have you got any snow yet? We had a lot last week. I had collected many interesting snow science experiments and I think you will like them too. They are great fun for a snow day. In case you don’t have snow, we also have a snowflake activity for you that doesn’t require any real snow. Enjoy!

Fun Snow Science Experiments for Kids

snow science experiments for kids
How clean is snow: collect snow from different locations, such as the side of a drive way, back of the house, and put in containers at room temperature to let them melt. Hypothesize which location’s snow is the cleanest, and observe the sediment or particles in each container after snow melts.

Compare density of snow with water and ice: do you know snow is composed of snowflakes and air? So the density depends on how much air it contains. Follow the link for detailed experiment instruction.

Learn hypothesis and observation: bringing snow inside, and hypothesize where inside the house the snow melts the fastest. Make sure to measure the same amount of snow for each location. For detailed instruction, see prediction and observation with snow.

Learn state of water:  after snow melted, put the water in a pot and boil the water. Point out the 3 states of water to kids, while observing the status change.

Snowflake investigation: Take kids outside with a dark sheet of paper and a magnify glass, and observe what a single snowflake looks like. For a better observation experience, you can follow the snowflake investigation tips and guide.

Make snowflakes and learn symmetry: after observing real snowflake, you and kids can design and create your own with the help of snowflake free app, and then move the design onto real paper. Explain and ask kids to pay close attention when they unfold the paper snowflake, and observe the symmetric effect.

Hope you get some snow!

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    Love the idea of constructive outdoor play.

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