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10 Science Topics for Kids to Explore in Summer

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Today we share science topics you can explore with kids in summer. These topics are fun to explore all year long, but are easier or more fun to do them in summer, such as star gazing, studying bugs. My favorite is the experiment about sun light and light refraction. It is so cool to watch the effect and I am sure kids will love it.

10 Science Topics for Kids to Explore in Summer

fun science activities for kids perfect for summer, learn star, cloud, insect, plant, …

Learn about sun light and light refraction, and I am sure kids will be amazed by what they will see in this cool experiment. In addition, we have a free app with tons of sun related science activities.

Learn the phases of the moon. Make sure visit the linked site, as there are many activities helping kids learn about the phases of the moon. It is so nice to walk outside and watch the moon change everyday after learning about the reason behind the change.

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Learn about stars and constellation, and kids will love this free star gazing app showing the stars on your phone screen wherever you are.

Learn about nature ecosystem on the hiking trail or a creek. Here are some tips to incorporate science into the nature walk.

While playing outside, find some examples of camouflage. It is easier to see them once you learn to pay attention.

Learn about Plants’ life cycle, and we have an interactive app for that, where kids can grow their own plants.

Learn food science of making ice cream in a bag  – try different flavors, and conduct a tasting test.

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Learn about ocean animals, these free printables of ocean animal fun facts will be a great help

Learn about birds with this set of learning materials, and this handy free app lets you search bird information by features like color, size, wing shape. A great tool to encourage observation and research skills.

Learn about bugs, and we have put together 10 fun apps about bugs for kids.

What science activities do you plan to explore with kids this summer?

For more summer science activity ideas, visit 108 Summer Science Activities for Kids.
kids summer science activities
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