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Funny Alphabet App for Kids Learning ABC post image

I have reviewed many alphabet apps for kids. Have seen so many great apps, I am hard to be impressed by a new ABC app. But when I checked out Zooper ABC Animals, I feel I can recommend another one to you. It is fun and interactive. Kids will love it. The app’s interface is very easy to navigate, so kids can use the app all by themselves. When kids first start the app, they see all 26 letters. They… Read more

Learn Alphabet with Underwater ABC post image

Learning alphabet is the first step to literacy. Now with new technology, there are so many ways for kids to learn ABC’s. My Alphabet Underwater ABC is a fun app for toddlers and preshcoolers to learn letters. With the underwater theme, it is fun and soothing at the same time. The app is designed to help toddlers and preschoolers learn by sight, sound and touch while playing games. Kids will solve puzzles, match letter pairs, write letters, and learn to… Read more

App News : ABC Guru Added New Features post image

ABC Guru just had a new update. It is a fun alphabet app using incidental learning method, which is the best way for young children to learn. Instead of “teaching” kids letters and their sounds, the app just let kids decorate letters. Every time they touch the letter, they hear the letter sound. Kids can color, add all kinds of stickers, and take pictures of their art works. For a full review, please visit Alphabet App for Kids Using Incidental… Read more

Alphabet App for Kids Using Incidental Learning Approach post image

ABC Gurus is a fun alphabet app for preschool kids. It teaches both letter names and letter sounds. What makes this app stand out is the incidental learning design. Incidental learning is the learning happens by chance in connection with something else. In this app, kids will be creating alphabet characters, but during the process of creating the characters, they will have lots of opportunities to hear the sound of the letters, thus learn the letter sound unconsciously. This is… Read more

Learn Alphabet with Underwater ABCs App post image

Underwater ABC is a fun ABC app teaching kids alphabet and ocean animals at the same time. It couldn’t have come into my life at a better time. Correctly writing his letters can be a struggle for my kindergartener.  Writing letters isn’t the issue, it is the correctly part that trips him up.  This app teaches printing in a methodical yet fun and engaging way, all the while learning the names of some ocean animals. Each letter is taught in upper case and lowercase. For each letter, before… Read more

10 Fun Ways to Learn Alphabet in Fall post image

Fall is here. I love this season. There are so much going on during the fall season, and there are so many kids can learn and have fun. Today we share 10 fun ideas for kids to learn alphabet, all activities are fall themed, and are all hands-on activities. 10 Fun Ways to Learn Alphabet in Fall Make an alphabet apple tree or paint an alphabet tree Play apple tree letter matching Practice fine motor skills with apple lacing and puzzle… Read more

Lola’s ABC Party

Learning alphabet is the foundation of early literacy. In my opinions, there are never too many alphabet books or apps for kids. Today we put together 10 apps helping kids learn their ABCs. We choose the apps that each app is unique in a certain way, and hope no matter what is your child interest or learning style, you can find at least one app here that your child likes. 10 Fun Apps Helping Kids Learn ABC Alphabet of Insects… Read more

Print the Alphabet Anywhere

Learning alphabet is the stepping stone to early literacy. There are many fun ways to help kids learn ABCs. Today I have another fun app helping kids learn alphabet. It is a set of alphabet coloring pages and number coloring pages. Kids not only learn alphabet and numbers, but also practice fine motor skills. It is free today. We also have instructions on how to use it with another app to do it on your device, and how to print… Read more

Ready K

Ready-K is a Kindergarten readiness app that charts the progress of your child according to Common Core Standards, so of course we love that!  It’s very comprehensive in helping kids get ready for kindergarten. It covers the following topics: 1. Quantitative language 2. Early literacy (including print awareness, vocabulary, alphabetical knowledge and phonological awareness 3. Visual discrimination (including visual scanning, event sequencing, size comparison, classifying and pattern recognition) 4. Color Awareness 5. Geometry 6. Math and numbers awareness (including number… Read more

Music ABC

Do your children like music? Do they jump around and sing along when they hear their favorite songs? Music makes the learning activities much more fun and enjoyable. It is a great idea to incorporate music into children’s learning. Today we have 10 apps helping kids learn via music. You will find apps helping kids learn numbers, letters, simple math, simple vocabulary, some are about animals, … but all apps here utilize music in the learning process. 10 apps helping… Read more

Phonics Fun Short and Long Vowels

Learning phonics is an important step towards reading success. But sometimes it is not that easy to distinguish the short vowel and long vowel sounds. Today’s app is a great phonics app helping kids get efficient on short vowels and long vowels. It is a fun game like workbook for kids, it is free for limited time. In addition to short vowel and long vowel practice, it also has letter tracing, spelling, and sight words, so even you think your… Read more

Animal Planet Hide and Seek Pets

Who doesn’t like playful learning ideas? Animal Planet Hide and Seek Pets is a fun learning app for kids around preschool age (3 to 6). Kids learn about animals, letters, practice observation, memory and fine motor skills, all through animal themed fun games. It is free today. When kids open the app, they are asked to spin the wheel for a hamster. The hamster will pick one of the 6 mystery animals for kids to play with. First kids have… Read more

Drawnimal app

Drawnimal is a fun drawing app teaching alphabet. Kids will learn to draw 26 animals, one for each letter. I love it for its simplistic style and funny animations.  I believe you and your child will like it too. It is a great way for kids to learn ABC, and drawing. It is been free for a week, and still is. Grab it when you can, but even if you missed the deal, I think it still worth it. What… Read more

Avokiddo ABC Ride

Learning alphabet is essential for kids’ literacy mastery. It could become repetitive at times, and kids may lose interest in learning. There are many fun ways to learn ABC, and today’s app is one of the best. Avokiddo ABC Ride is a playful app helping kids learn ABC with various fun games.  When kids open the app, they will see a boy and a girl, Beck and Bo, waiting to get on the bike ride. Kids get to choose who… Read more

Matching Games by CosmoCamp

Matching Games by CosmoCamp is a simple yet entirely engrossing game for kids that teaches memory skills along with learning colors, shapes, numbers, and letters.  It comes with two different modes, toddler and preschool, to grow with your child, chosen each time you open the app or easily changeable in the parents only area of the app. The matching app has three games:  Classic, Hide and Seek, and Pyramid.  In Classic, kids can choose to have from 8-18 cards from which they… Read more